Aged Care

What is residential aged care?

Residential aged care is for older Australians who can no longer live at home independently, and need either ongoing support with everyday tasks or have higher care needs.

What services are typically available in residential aged care?

Residential aged care facilities provide accommodation and support with:

  • Day-to-day tasks like cleaning, cooking and laundry

  • Access to healthcare services and practitioners

  • Personal support like bathing and dressing

  • Activities to promote social and emotional wellbeing

  • How much does residential aged care cost?

    Costs of living in residential aged care can vary. While some costs are the same for all residents, there are costs that are means-tested. We encourage you to seek independent legal and financial advice to determine if residential aged care is the best option for yourself or your loved one.

    Difference between a retirement community and a residential aged care facility

    Retirement communities and residential aged care are often confused to be the same, but when you start to research you will realise they are quite different.

    Retirement Communities

    Residential Aged Care




    How to Enter

    Enter into a private agreement or contract with the operator

    Eligibility determined through an assessment by Aged Care Assessment Team/Service (ACAT/ACAS). Residents then enter into agreement with aged care provider


    Able to live relatively independently

    Need accommodation, care and support services to meet ongoing needs


    State Government legislation

    Commonwealth legislation

    Initial Payment

    Occupancy payment and other entry costs, depending on the contract you choose

    Accommodation fee, paid either through a refundable accommodation deposit, daily accommodation payment, a combination of these, or may be Government subsidised

    Payments upon leaving

    Residents may pay a Deferred Management Fee (DMF) on departure, in addition to further contractual payments owed

    Refundable accommodation deposits are 100% refunded when resident leaves, unless the resident draws down on these amounts to pay certain costs (e.g. daily accommodation payment)

    Living Costs

    Regular service fees to cover the day-to-day operations of the community, particularly management and maintenance

    Basic daily care fee and, for some, a means tested daily care fee


    Generally self-funded through personal finances, superannuation and/or pension

    Care and accommodation charges are Government subsidised

    Care and Services

    Additional services may be available (meals, domestic, health and wellness etc.)

    Specified care and support services


    Retirement Living Code of Conduct

    Aged Care Quality Agency

    How can I tell if a loved one needs residential aged care?

  • Increased difficulty in administering self-care

  • Decreased mobility and increased fatigue

  • Regular confusion and disorientation

  • At risk of falls or personal harm

  • Decreased interest in previously-enjoyed social activities

  • Why choose Aveo?

    As Australia’s leading retirement living and aged care provider, we have over 90 communities across Australia offering various support services. Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Aveo.

    Over 30 years' experience in retirement living and aged care, with over 90 communities across Australia
    Range of units, villas and apartments designed to suit all budgets and lifestyles
    Vibrant and social communities, with a range of activities and events to help you live well
    Services to help you live independently and enjoy more time for the things you love
    Leading the industry with 94% of residents happy to call their Aveo community home

    Aveo Aged Care Guidance

    At Aveo, we appreciate that navigating aged care can be overwhelming, which is why we offer a personalised aged care guidance service to assist you and your loved one. Click below to find out more and enquire today.


    Aveo Living Options

    From independent living communities, where residents can come and go as they please, and serviced apartments for those seeking a little extra support, to Freedom Care Communities that offer tailored support 24/7, we provide real choice for our customers. Click below to discover a community near you.


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