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Discover French wonders from your living room

Although international travel may be off the cards for a little while yet, you can still discover some of France’s most incredible sights and historic wonders from the comfort of your living room.

Below, in no particular order, are links to virtual tours and photography of some of these wonders.


Eiffel Tower

Discover the scenic and panoramic views of Paris from the iconic Eiffel Tower.

A global icon, the Eiffel Tower was constructed in an incredible two years, two months and five days as the main exhibit of the World’s Fair of 1889. It was built to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution and to demonstrate France’s industrial prowess.

Click here to virtually explore the Eiffel Tower.


Opéra Garnier

Enjoy a free backstage pass and digital tour of the Opéra Garnier, one of France’s most renowned opera houses. Originally inaugurated in 1875, its stage has featured some of the greatest opera performers and ballet dancers, from Maria Callas to Rudolf Noureev.

On this virtual tour, you can also discover its incredible architecture, grand staircase and soaring, artistic ceilings, with incredible paintings depicting some of music’s most historic moments.

Click here to take a virtual tour of the Opéra Garnier.



Mont Blanc

Explore the peak and the incredible views of Mont Blanc. Popular amongst hikers, skiers and snowboarders, Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps, standing at 4,808m above sea level.

Click here to virtually explore Mont Blanc.



Albert Einstein’s letters

If you appreciate history and mathematics, why not get a glimpse of Albert Einstein’s letters?

Fascinating, and often humorous, exchanges with some of France’s greatest mathematicians, these letters went on to shape much of the renowned scientist’s scientific work.

Click here to read Albert Einstein’s letters.



Palace of Versailles

Take a virtual tour and explore the shimmering halls of the Palace of Versailles. An architectural and artistic wonder, this incredible palace was embellished continuously by a line of kings to reflect the changing tastes of each era.

While home to the royal family of France right up until the French Revolution, the palace and its extensive, landscaped gardens are now a popular tourist destination.

Click here to virtually stroll the halls of the Palace of Versailles.



Cité de la Dentelle et de la Mode

If you enjoy craft and fashion, why not explore the history of lace through the Cité de la Dentelle et de la Mode, the City of Lace and Fashion?

Often disputed by historians, lace is believed to have originated in Europe. In time, it became an expensive and highly sought-after material, and was often used in fashion to showcase wealth and power.

Click here to discover the history of lace.



Looking for more international destinations to explore from your living room?

Click here to discover some of the world’s most historic and intriguing destinations.

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