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Art classes from your living room

Looking to hone your creative skills and realise your inner artist?

There are plenty of artists and designers sharing their art tips and tutorials that you can watch and learn in the comfort of your living room.

Below is our list of some of the best you’ll find on YouTube.


Alfonson Dunn

An artist and art instructor, Alfonson shares lots of free and easy-to-follow tutorials to help budding artists deepen their understanding of the drawing process and improve their drawing, ink, and watercolour painting skills.

If you enjoy floral painting, you’ll love his guide to drawing and painting flowers.

Visit Alfonson’s YouTube channel -



Emmy Kalia

Emmy is an artist and designer who shares time-lapse videos of her pencil drawings and watercolour paintings. She also offers step-by-step tutorials for beginners looking to hand draw realistic portraits, particularly of people and animals.

Discover Emmy’s YouTube channel -


Sara Tepes

A young student with a passion for art, Sara’s YouTube channel is full of tips and advice for all artists, from those who enjoy painting as a pastime to serious artists who want to make a living from their drawings.

If you’re new to oil painting, she offers a great tutorial on getting the right supplies and creating your first artwork.

View Sara’s YouTube channel -



Run by artist and teacher Stan Prokopenko, Proko is a one stop shop for those who want to try their hand at exaggeration and creating caricature portraits.

Proko takes you through the entire creative process from start to finish, and even shares some interesting guides on drawing caricatures of some very well-known celebrities.

Visit the Proko YouTube channel -



Circle Line Art School

If you’d like to learn how to draw landscapes or architecture, Tom McPherson from Circle Line Art School shares weekly tutorials for beginners on his YouTube channel.

His viewers learn how to draw and sketch a range of subjects, from modern architecture and famous buildings to optical illusions and realistic portraits.

Visit the Circle Line Art School YouTube channel -


Bonny Snowdon Fine Art

For those that love drawing or painting animals, Bonny Snowdon is the artist to follow.

Bonny is self-taught and specialises in using coloured pencils to create vibrant animal artworks. Her YouTube channel is dedicated to providing how-to videos for beginners, with tips and advice that she wished she had when first starting out as an artist.

Discover Bonny’s YouTube channel -


Stuart Davies

If you’d like to learn how to oil paint landscapes with incredible detail, make sure you visit Stuart Davies’ YouTube channel.

Stuart is a fine artist with a passion for capturing natural landscapes in a style that many have described as stunning and magnificent. Every other week he shares tutorial videos on painting the perfect landscape, and how to create detail using oils.

Visit Stuart’s YouTube channel -


Draw With Jazza

If you’re looking for fun and quirky inspiration from an Australian artist, head over to Josiah Brooks’ YouTube channel.

Each week Josiah shares tutorials and speedpaintings, and hosts competitions for aspiring artists. For the tech savvy, he even offers video tutorials on creating animations and artwork on your computer.

Discover the Draw With Jazza YouTube channel -



Where to get art supplies

If any of these have inspired you to channel your inner artist, there are some great websites online where you can purchase art supplies to get yourself started.

Eckersley’s Art & Craft is an Australian company that sells every type of art supply imaginable, from water colours and paint brushes to candle making kits. They even deliver Australia-wide!

Visit the Eckersley’s Art & Craft website -

Whether you’re a professional artist, an aspiring amateur or someone just looking to explore, Art Shed Online offers a full range of art and craft products that can be delivered across Australia.

Visit the Art Shed Online website -

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