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7 top cruising destinations

For the adventurous, cruising can provide the perfect opportunity to explore many incredible regions without the need for an exhausting travel schedule, suggests Lisa Blondeau, of Freedom Road Travel.

Unpacking bags just once, yet still seeing the world is the perfect option for those who want to explore but desire a healthy measure of relaxation too.

Watching the sparking ocean drift by from a sun lounger is a magical way to travel and whether you’re into wildlife spotting, peaceful beaches, or lively cultural activities, there’s a destination out there that’s just right for you.

Get inspired by these seven wonderful cruises. 

Alaska – For stunning wild nature

Surrounded by jagged glaciers and a raw, rocky landscape, cruising through Alaska is a chance to see nature at its finest.

Earthy green forests contrast with clear icy water to create some of the most phenomenal scenery in the world for nature lovers and photographers.

Kick back and enjoy the crisp air while spotting whales and dolphins from the deck, and come away humbled by the experience.

Scandinavia, Baltics and Russia – For history lovers

Those with an interest in history and culture will be inspired by the magnificent cities and medieval past of this region.

From Helsinki to St Petersburg to Stockholm, each city has a fascinating story to discover. Here the focus is very much on exploring these bastions of European history, visiting museums and learning about the local culture.

Between destinations, spend some time rejuvenating on board enjoying the peaceful ocean breeze, and a good book.

European river cruise – For variety and activity

River cruising is a very different experience from what you can expect on the vast ocean.

Join a boat headed down the Rhine, Main or Seine and get a chance to explore Europe’s interior, rather than its coastlines.

On river cruises, land is always in sight, scenery is varied and on-shore visits may be more frequent. With a focus on genuine, local experiences, a river cruise is perfect for those who want something authentic.

Caribbean – To relax and revive

There is something truly magical about the pristine aqua beaches and swaying palm trees of the Caribbean.

Island life can be infectious, and if you’re aiming to recharge your batteries, the tropical Caribbean sun and laid-back culture should do the trick.

From experiencing local music and food, to heading out on a glass bottom boat to see the abundance of tropical fish, there are plenty of laid-back activities to suit a slower pace of travel.

Greece – For sunshine and ancient history

For those who want a livelier summer experience, consider the Greek Islands for expansive blue skies, outdoor dining and true Mediterranean hospitality.

Enjoy fresh seafood and local wine as you marvel at stunning sunsets over the Aegean Sea.

All around the region, volcanic islands rise steeply from the aqua ocean, with quaint settlements built up high.

Cliff top walkways and pop up markets are perfect for excursions in smaller groups.

Rich in mythology and ancient history, Greece is also abundant with museums and preserved treasures, giving visitors a true glimpse into the past

New Zealand – For remote beauty

Extraordinary rivers and glaciers, towering mountains and wild beaches have long made New Zealand a popular destination for travellers.

But with areas of dense, un-penetrable forest, steep gorges and unforgiving weather, it can be difficult for even experienced adventurers to reach the most beautiful spots.

Cruising is a great alternative for navigating the remote, other-worldly coastline of the famous South Island.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of nature, from the chirping of native birds, to flowing waterfalls and the splashing of dolphins and whales.

Pacific Islands – For a step back in time

Tradition, culture and nature structure everyday life in the Pacific Islands, and a cruise around this region is a rich cultural experience.

Life seems to slow down in the Pacific – this is a place of welcoming communities, celebratory dancing and storytelling.

Unwinding and reconnecting to a slower pace of life comes naturally against the backdrop of pristine atolls, lush rain forests and sprawling tropical coastlines.

If it’s tropical paradise you’re after – look no further.

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