Thank you to everyone who entered our Mother’s Day competition!

Winning Entry from Julia Holland for her Mum Lynette Lawrence at Aveo Melrose Park

A problem shared is a problem halved. My Mum has and always will be the one person I know I can trust to go to for help and advice on anything. My dad died when I was 7 so it was just the two of us taking on the world together. My Mum loved me and helped me become the person I am today. She taught me to ask questions if unsure and to always ask for help if needed. Life is a rollercoaster. Thank goodness I have my mum with me for the ride.

Entrant: Anthea Morland for her Mum Jacquie Morland at Freedom Rochedale

Mum is all about putting others at ease. A smile offered can make another person feel welcomed, accepted & quite possibly improve how the person feels.  A smile costs us nothing to give but can make a real difference to how we feel about ourselves and how others might respond to that smile. Advice put into daily practice with my often, challenging corporate responsibilities, with family and friends and when working in the voluntary sector. Great wisdom, from Mum, to cope with life's challenges and help to make people feel comfortable and, sometimes, empowered.  I have much to thank her for this generous and giving advice.

Entrant: Beatrice Vinci for her Mum Marisa Festucci at Fernbank

Don't spend too much time cleaning. Your kids won't remember how clean the house was but will remember the time you spent with them :)

Entrant: Carol Graham for her Mum Dawn Cochrane at Freedom Redland Bay

Mum's bit of advice to me was to enter every competition I could. She always said she'd never won anything so I should give it a try. Over the many years of entering anything I could without much success I had finally given up. But this morning when I received the email from Aveo about this competition I thought I’d give it one last shot. If this competition was the one to finally win It would absolutely be a dream come true for both of us!!!

Entrant: Desley Rundell for her Mum Elma Curtis at Aveo Springfield

My mum has given me a lot of advice over the years but the one that is most important to me that I will always cherish is: - "Family is Everything, love them and cherish every moment with them".  I have attached a photo of my family with Mum, Dad,  my 2 children, their partners and my 6 grandchildren (some of mum's 9 great-grandchildren) our family get together (my sister & brothers also) on a regular basis and this Covid-19 has been hard for us all not being able to be together.

Entrant: Jacqueline Payne for her Mum Claire Arlidge at Aveo Bayview Gardens

Mum’s best advice to me has been to keep up my hobbies, especially my love and passion for art and painting. She said it will be with me forever and no matter how old I am I will always have a hobby and something to keep me occupied.

Entrant: Jane Desilets for her Mum Joy Goodey at Aveo Peregian Springs Country Club

Whenever I have to choose what to buy between similar items at the supermarket, I always choose the brand of which there is not many left on the shelf. My Mom always says that the most popular brand must be the best buy!

Entrant: Karen Hawthorne for her Mum Jan Webb at Freedom Redland Bay

This photo, taken in 2005 shortly before my Grandmother's passing, is very special to both my mother and I.  It shows Nan, Mum and I - three generations of daughters - all very different but all strong-willed.  Despite that, our life journeys have shown us that regardless of personal strengths and the love of a wonderful family, not everything is within our control. Invariably, life throws you real challenges (like Parkinson’s, Paralysis & Dementia) and it's at these times where Mum's strong faith and words of advice provide reassurance:  Sometimes you just have to "Let Go and Let God!"

Entrant: Kerry Gilfillan for her Mum Yvonne O’Shea at Aveo Bayview Gardens

The above photo is 4 generations - mum, myself, my daughter and her daughter taken at beautiful Lake Tahoe on vacation in USA. Mum taught me how to knit and sew among many other skills. I was (still am) an impatient person and it must have been a trial to teach me. Her mantra was “measure twice, cut once”, which I still am trying to master.

Entrant: Kim Williamson for her Mum Lorna Williamson at Aveo Peregian Springs Country Club

The Moment You Stop, Things Start To Go Downhill, and Be Kind, Be Happy, Shoulders Back, Chin Up. Xxx

Entrant: Marg Beith for her Mum Margaret Boekel at Aveo Cherry Tree Grove

My dad passed away in March and my mum and dad’s life was one big love story for 60 years. When he passed, we wondered how on earth she could cope as he was the most loving doting husband a woman could wish for. She said to us that her strength came from her mum, who lost her husband in his 40’s leaving her to raise 11 children on her own. The fact that she recalls this time when she was just a teenager and is able to draw strength from that is incredible. We still cry often, but feel so blessed to have had such amazing parents.  Mum will endeavour to enjoy her life at Cherry Tree without him but it is the perfect environment for her. 

Entrant: Margaret Hatton for her Mum Margaret Hatton at Aveo Island Point

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Entrant: Melissa Sangster for her Mum Barbara Sangster at Freedom Tweed Heads

Always wear clean underpants in case you have an accident.

Entrant: Natalie Amos for her Mum Kathy Amos at Aveo Manor Gardens

Mum is 100% my rock. No matter what crazy stuff has happened in my life she has always been there to support me and my children through extremely rough times. Every great milestone she’s been by my side cheering me on. I could not do this life without her amazing and unwavering support. Love you Mum Always and forever xoxo

Entrant: Pauline Sharpe for her Mum Theodora de Wit at Fernbank

This is a photo of Mum and I social distancing, I visit Mum on the other side of the garden wall and we chat. Mum was never a big advice giver; she would lead by example rather than talk. One thing Mum always drilled in us was that if it makes you happy, then go for it!

Entrant: Rosina Aston for her Mum Rosina Waugh at Aveo Bridgeman Downs

Mum says to me that is costs very little to be nice to others and an act of kindness goes such a long way and enhances the lives of those you meet. This makes me stop and think before I act or respond as you always attract more bees with honey and well selected words can really brighten the day of those you meet.

Entrant: Shane Joel for his Mum Stephanie Joel at Aveo Albany Creek

I was always a hothead growing up & I remember Mum telling me to count to 10 when I felt my temper rising. She may not remember it, I may not always practice it, but it always helps when I do it. Love you Mum xx

Entrant: Sue Goff for her Mum Joan Goff at Aveo Veronica Gardens

My mother, doesn’t give me advice, she has taught me by example, she has shown me the value of compassion, how to practically support someone, how to advocate for another who is less able and how to forgive. She is a woman of substance, style and extraordinary humour, she makes me laugh, helps me keep things in perspective and is a wonderful role model, I sincerely hope I am as good as her when I am her age! Lucky me!

Entrant: Tracey Foster for her Mum Lee Cox at Freedom Coffs Harbour

The best advice I was given by my mum is hold your head high and we will work through this.

Entrant: Victoria De Llera for her Mum Joan Pleschutschnig at Aveo Springfield

My mum says that she is 'jack of all trades and master of none'. I think that during her life my mum has given everything a go and always jumped into something with both feet whole heartedly. The fact that she gives every opportunity a go has instilled in us 'kids the same attitude. 'Give everything a go' she says 'you may never have this opportunity again'!

Entrant: Charmaine Burdett for her Mum Patricia Calley at Aveo Manor Gardens

The best gift you can ever give your children is their independence.

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