Gwen Dawes of Aveo Bridgeman Downs celebrates 100th birthday

Congratulations to Gwen Dawes, resident at Aveo Bridgeman Downs retirement community, who celebrated her 100th birthday last weekend!

To commemorate her special day, staff decorated the community golf buggy and drove Gwen to visit her fellow residents throughout the community. Each had a gift tag ready with a special birthday message, which all ended up being displayed behind Gwen during the cake cutting. 

Community staff even organised for a piper to serenade Gwen and her fellow residents at each stop the birthday buggy made. 

A mother of two, a grandmother of five, and a great grandmother of 12, Gwen has enjoyed a memorable life with much change.

"There's too many [changes] to name, but things that first come to mind are memories of the depression, and men with swags calling in to our family home and Mum sharing our food," she said.

"We are very lucky to live in Australia - the food we can get now and how plentiful!"

Gwen originally moved to Aveo Bridgeman Downs 15 years ago, a move she hasn't regretted since.

"I really do enjoy my life here. I thoroughly enjoy the people and the atmosphere.”

“I join in as many activities as I can, and I’m regularly playing Rummikub, bingo and card games. Last year I spent my 99th birthday on a village picnic trip to Kilcoy, where we had a lovely cake to celebrate.”

When asked for her advice on making it to a century in life, Gwen says family, friends and exercise are all crucial.

“Engaging and spending time with family and friends is very important, as well as keeping your mind active and trying new things.”

“Walking and moving is paramount to staying healthy. Every day, weather permitting, I walk for approximately 20 minutes through the village. If the weather is unkind, I walk the corridors of the Manor.”

Congratulations Gwen - well done on reaching such an incredible milestone!

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