Get to know the winners of the Aveo art competition

Behind every great artwork, there’s a great story. We were so fortunate to have such a high standard of art submissions to choose winners from, and we hope you agree that the following entries, and their stories, deserve their placing.

Each of these pieces of art truly showcase what it means to live well at Aveo.

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June Singleton - Aveo Durack (QLD)

“My painting of ‘Our pond and bridge’ in Aveo Durack shows our pond and bridge that many residents enjoy daily. They walk alone, with their friends, or with their pets. We love the birdlife, greenery and peace it provides for us all. We live above it in laurel and see it every day.”

Lyn Kruger – Aveo Taringa (QLD)

“We have many keen gardeners at Aveo Taringa. They spend a great deal of time in their gardens which give the residents a great deal of pleasure. In my painting, I have painted Anne’s garden, a beautiful area of colour and variety.”

Anna Oprysa – Aveo Newstead (QLD)

“When moving to a new home like we are here at Aveo and having to leave behind many years of nurturing our garden, there can be feelings of loss and stress around how to reconnect with that special place, the magic of gardening.

Having access to a garden can help residents to form new friendships, have a special space to connect with nature as part of their home.

These plants assist to stimulate the senses. Lavender, rosemary, basil, chives, parsley, and many others – all have sensory qualities – sight, scent, touch, smell and taste.

My painting theme is ‘Tinker in our herb garden.’”

Betty Elliott – Aveo Peregian Springs (QLD)

“I would like you to meet some of my friends: Carli, Tiger, Felix, Sam, Barney, Penny, Trixie, Maggie, and Stirling.

My husband was not keeping very well but the carers were marvelous to him in his final years. He really loved Aveo.

I found I didn’t socialise very much except for walking Carli every afternoon. There is no better way of making friends.

Betty Elliott – Carli’s Mum”

Kath Chapman – Aveo Newcastle (NSW)

“Community living provides the perfect opportunity to gather with likeminded residents. As a result we not only develop our existing craft/art skills, we are learning new skills from new friends.”

‘Little Houses’ by Christine Meunier. Hand and machine pieced by Kath Chapman. Quilted by Steve Chapman.

Helen Evans – Aveo Banora Point (NSW)

“This silk embroidery was worked some time ago. Now we live at Aveo I hope to spend time creating new craft projects. We have a new craft group.”

John Freeman – Aveo Hunters Green (VIC)

“If a man’s home is his castle, then it stands to reason that his garage is his sanctuary!

Let me welcome you to mine, ‘The Train Shed’, aka the garage where I am able to indulge in my hobby.

Whilst a painter can create a two-dimensional image of a scene or event on canvas, a railway modeler uses their creativity to achieve the same result but in three-dimensional miniature form with the benefit of being able to bring the scene to life with the movement of trains, etc.

My model railway is a 4mm to the foot (00 gauge scale) model based upon my memories of the railways and other particular buildings and features in and around Cheltenham Spa Gloucestershire in 1957.

The railways had been nationalised some 9 years earlier and steam locomotives would prevail for almost another decade. Cheltenham was still a ‘genteel’ town with little manufacturing largely still relying on ‘old money’ and was a great place to grow up in.

Whilst railway modelling has been a life-long hobby, virtually all of the current layout has been built since we moved into Hunters Green in 2009. When we arrived there were already 12 ‘Johns’ so I soon became ‘John, the train man’ and that in itself became a great icebreaker. Whilst it is by nature an individual pursuit (which has been a lifesaver during our many long lockdowns) we now have five railway modellers in the Village and we visit each other’s layouts and model railway exhibitions and hobby shops whenever we get the chance. Whenever my roller garage door is up, there is a great chance that I will have a few interested residents stop by for a look and a chat which makes it all worthwhile!

Photographs courtesy of my good friend John Collingwood (also a Hunters Green resident)”

Roy Tate – Aveo Springthorpe (VIC)

“1. First Barbecue Residents designed this space, the barbeque placement and power access, the sail and outdoor furniture. This is the hub of our outdoor activities in the summer.

2. Croquet Players Residents changed a little-used bowling green to a popular croquet court. There are organised games twice a week to cater for all residents. To live well in your community you need the facilities and the company of fellow residents.”

Helen Bounds – Aveo Fountain Court (VIC)

“’Walk at Gardeners Creek.’

This beautiful parkland is used frequently by residents of Fountain Court and many local people for their daily exercise as permitted under the current regulations. It is also an area connected to the Heidelburg Group of early painters – Roberts, McCubbin and others who had a camp site nearby.”

Alan Poole – Aveo Botanic Gardens (VIC)

"I was a joiner by Trade and in my apprenticeship I was shown woodturning. With a young family I could not afford a lathe until I retired.

In retirement I joined Peninsula Woodturner and Berwick woodworker: I now make pepper and salt shakers, pens and bowls. It is a dying art form and I enjoy doing it. It also brings in a little extra cash at some markets.”

Peter Dodd – Aveo Glynde Lodge (SA)

“Painting is my hobby. It is very much a personal experience. Living in the village has enabled me the quiet and pleasant environment necessary to do my work. Also, living in a village with neighbours and management willing to assist with garden maintenance, travelling is easier than being in our own home. Thus my paintings reflect the overseas trips I have been able to take. Also, I’m able to paint local scenes, as street scenes are my specialty. Naturally, I don’t have the inspiration to paint all the time. So, as treasurer to the resident’s committee I’m involved in village activities as well.

Being in a retirement village enables you to pursue your artistic and other interests without the hassles of home ownership, yet still have people around to mix with when you wish.”

Jim Mccutcheon – Aveo Mowbray Links (TAS)

“Drawing has always been part of my life; some say I was born with a pencil in my hand, but other demands restricted my output until I was drawn to Aveo and able to express and develop my talent for animation.

Time to draw all the little moments of life, the absurdities, bringing a smile in these uncertain times.”

Bob Teerink – Aveo Palmview (QLD)

"Health through creativity! Lead lighting requires a range of skills and challenges. It utilises materials – glass, copper foil, came (lead channel), solder, and patina. It requires patience, interaction, and more."

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