The community shop at Aveo Mountain View


Meet Coral and Christine, residents at Aveo Mountain View retirement village, who are giving back to their retirement community and to those less fortunate with their community shop.

Hear from them as they share their story and what makes their community such a great place to live.


Founded almost three decades ago, Aveo Mountain View’s community shop has been managed by numerous residents since it first opened its doors.

In late 2018, the previous manager announced her retirement from the craft shop. In early 2019, Coral quickly saw this as an opportunity to revamp the shop and service the community in an entirely new way.

“I wanted it to be a service to the residents in our community, by offering delivery to their door when needed, and also provide a service to our wider community.”

Although Coral was prepared to take over the shop, she wanted to run it with a partner. After meeting Christine through the social committee, the pair struck up a great partnership and, as they say, the rest is history.

The shop has historically been a craft shop with only a few sundry items for resident’s convenience. Since taking over, Coral and Christine have worked tirelessly to improve it and make it a great place for residents to get their essentials.

With Coral’s expertise in retail and Christine’s in bookkeeping and craft, the pair increased the range of homemade craft goods and introduced fresh produce, baked goods and even a home delivery service for residents, which proved essential in recent months for residents who prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home.

Under their guidance, the craft shop has flourished and become a popular destination for all the residents at Aveo Mountain View, with some even making it a part of their exercise route.

But although many credit the success of the shop to Coral and Christine, the pair humbly admit that it’s the hard work from the volunteers that make all the difference.

“We have about a dozen volunteers normally who work in the shop and service customers, but we have had up to 20 volunteers from within the village in the last few months.

“Without them we wouldn’t be able to have the shop hours that we do now. We’re truly thankful for their support.”

Community Manager David Porter has nothing but praise for the shop and the hard work the residents put into operating it.

“Both Coral and Christine put in what they call ‘full time hours’ but realistically it’s probably more.

“It’s such a great way for residents to get what they need, and I can see more and more residents are thankful for it.

“The arts and crafts are a big seller for gifts and people love that they can buy quality homemade items for their friends and family. 

“It’s also such a great way for our residents to sell their crafts. Most of the knitted baby items are made by one of our residents, and they’re very popular.”

While arts and craft items are sold on commission for the residents, the craft shop funds itself and offers any surplus funds and goods to charities, something that Coral and Christine are particularly proud of.

“In the last 18 months, we have given away thousands of dollars, and even more in value of goods, to charities like Project Pink and the Bushfire Appeal.

“Some of our residents have even been knitting beanies for the local homeless. The shop supplies all the materials for free and the finished goods are donated to local charities.”

Both Coral and Christine moved to Aveo Mountain View several years ago and enjoy life at the community.

“We both like being involved in things and meeting new people – we can do that here!”

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