Aveo Southport Gardens resident authors children’s books

Did you know that one of our Aveo Southport Gardens residents is a published author?

Lizzie Searle (Bips) has written a series of children's books called 'The Adventures of Olivia and Sweetheart the Magic Donkey'.

She originally created them as a means of nurturing a long-distance relationship with her then five-year old granddaughter, Olivia, who lives in Wales. After receiving a story, Olivia would suggest what she would like the next story to be about, and Lizzie would do her best to create something for her.

At the school Olivia attended, the children where often asked to bring something that was special to them to share with the class.

Olivia took the first three stories that Lizzie had sent her. The teacher read them to the class of thirty children, five of whom had attention-deficit issues. The stories, even without illustrations, captivated the children from beginning to end.

The teacher asked if there were any more stories and received the rest of them over the coming months, all of which the class enjoyed.

Now at the age of 13, Olivia is the illustrator for all of Lizzie's stories. What an incredible cycle!

Lizzie runs her own YouTube channel, where she shares excerpts from her book series.

You can also purchase her books online in Kindle format or as an audiobook.


Like Lizzie’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/AuthorLizzieBips/

Subscribe to her YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr-DInwVQV-QHn-Cwcl0R1w

Purchase her books in Kindle format - https://www.amazon.com.au/s?i=digital-text&rh=p_27%3ALizzie+Bips

Purchase her books as audiobooks - https://bellavitapublishing.com/audiobook-1/

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