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Creating food memories at Aveo Freedom Morayfield


Meet Chef Christian Stone. With thirty years of national and international experience under his belt, you're guaranteed deliciousness from this culinary professional. With a passion for food ripened from a young age, his desire to learn and create amazing food has led him to Aveo.

Where were you before you started at Aveo Freedom Morayfield?

Oh, I've been all over! But for many years I did FIFO work in Papua New Guinea, supporting and mentoring local indigenous people in food service operations. It was very rewarding.

Where does your passion for food come from?

Cooking is really creative and constantly challenging. From an early age I had a desire to both learn and create in the kitchen. I also have a real appreciation for different cuisines from across the globe!

So what do you enjoy most about your role as Chef Manager at Aveo Freedom Morayfield?

Putting smiles on the faces of our residents and bringing back memories of the food they grew up with. We can bring them together over food and spark memories. That's a win for me. They are always so happy and full of compliments - we get so many our Community Manager can't keep up!

What's on the menu at Aveo Freedom Morayfield?

The menu changes but we try to keep the resident favourites on the menu at all times. For savoury dishes, residents love Lamb's Fry and Osso Buco. For the sweet tooth, it's Golden Syrup Dumplings and Lemon Delicious!

Could you tell us a memorable story from your time at Aveo Freedom Morayfield?

It's so difficult to pick just one. There are so many! I'll try narrow it down...

I really try to go above and beyond in my food service; to ensure the meals are not only nutritious but taste delicious and make our residents feel at home. I've had residents in tears, with fond memories brought back by our food. We respect food and bring it to life - the recipes from their past.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring chefs?

Travel and learn from as many chefs as you can. Have an open mind and a positive attitude and you'll always go far. Also, when you're learning don't stay in one place for too long. Two to three years is ample time to absorb what you can. Just never, ever stop learning. Everyone you meet is a teacher.


It sounds like Chef Christian has a gift for connecting with residents and delivering beautiful, classic meals. He truly enjoys making people happy with food!

If you'd like to find out more about what it is like to make the change to an Aveo retirement community and enjoy gourmet meals every day, have a look at our free First Step Guide below. This 12-page booklet includes definitions, tips, check lists, and much more on several areas related to retirement living, including the lifestyle and support that you can look forward to.

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