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Blog · Food & Recipes

Cooking classes from your living room

Thinking about taking up a new hobby or trying something new?

Well, how about taking up cooking classes?

There are plenty of chefs sharing delicious recipes and cooking classes that you can watch and enjoy for free from the comfort of your living room at home.

In no particular order, below is our list of the best YouTube channels.


Laura in the Kitchen

Laura shares recipes from around the world, ranging from simple breakfast recipes to hearty soups and salads.

If you enjoy Italian cuisine, you’ll love her delicious veggie lasagna recipe.

Visit Laura’s YouTube channel - Laura Vitales Kitchen


Jamie Oliver

With delicious recipes, tutorials from the experts and delicious food, Jamie Oliver’s YouTube channel is a place where you can laugh and be inspired.

Jamie updates his channel weekly, so you can always find new and exciting recipes to enjoy from home.

Visit Jamie’s YouTube channel - Jamie Oliver 


Maggie Beer

One of Australia’s biggest culinary icons, Maggie is famous for her work in farming, food production, exporting, food writing and television presenting.

Although not extensive, you can still find some tasty recipes on her YouTube channel.

Visit Maggie’s YouTube channel - Maggie Beer


Byron Talbott

A chef, food stylist and culinary influencer, Byron uses his YouTube channel to share his delicious recipes and quick tips for budding chefs.

Be sure to watch some of his dessert recipes – they look absolutely delectable!

Discover Byron’s YouTube channel - Byron Talbott


Donna Hay

Aussie food stylist, author and magazine editor, Donna shares basic but tasty-looking dessert and appetiser recipes, including a delicious dark chocolate ganache and a classic caramel slice.

Visit Donna’s YouTube channel - Donna Hay


Food Wishes

Food Wishes is run by American chef and YouTube personality ‘Chef John’.

An advocate for home cooking, Chef John regularly shares a variety of fun-to-make, easy-to-follow recipes on his YouTube channel.

View the Food Wishes YouTube channel - Food Wishes


Marion’s Kitchen

If you enjoy spicy Thai noodles or Chinese fried rice, you’ll love Marion’s Kitchen.

Run by Marion Grasby, a Thai-Australian food producer, television presenter and cookbook author, this channel features delicious recipes from all over Asia.

Marion updates her YouTube channel three times a week, so there’s always new and exciting recipes to try.

Subscribe to Marion’s YouTube channel - Marion's Kitchen


Cook With Aussie

If you prefer simple, tasty home cooking at its best, Cook With Aussie offers some great Australian recipes, with everything from stir fry recipes to tips on cooking a great BBQ steak.

The channel is typically updated with new recipes twice a week, so you’ll never be short of great Aussie cuisine.

Visit the Cook With Aussie YouTube channel - Cook with Aussie


Gordon Ramsay

Last but not least is Gordon Ramsay, the internationally renowned, multi-Michelin starred chef with restaurants across the globe.

On his YouTube channel, Gordon provides recipe tutorials, tips and techniques for budding chefs, and even some footage from his TV appearances. He even has a whole section to delicious recipes that you can re-create in your own kitchen.

Visit Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube Channel - Gordon Ramsay



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