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Redefining retirement through better food and nutrition

Older Australians have different nutritional needs. Aveo, with the assistance of Nutrition Professionals Australia (NPA), has taken a more scientific approach to nutrition to create a nutritional framework that embraces this.

We’ve introduced national nutritional food standards, which cover all food services within our villages. This standard caters for the different dietary requirements residents have as they age, which may be as simple as providing more protein-based meal options or offering different portion sizes for easier digestion.

Our dining rooms are where our menus come to life. There residents enjoy great food and a feeling of wellbeing, while sharing the dining experience in vibrant surroundings chatting with family and friends.

Good nutrition at home or in our restaurants

Nutrition Select

Our ready-made meals service can make mealtime more convenient with less wastage. All your favourites are available on our extensive menu which features everything from healthy breakfasts to hearty and delicious dinners.

Select Dining

At Aveo we’ve refreshed our food offering with great new recipes designed specifically for the needs of older Australians. Our new approach ensures food quality, service and safety and promises an enhanced dining experience for all our residents.

Hear how Aveo are redefining food in retirement

Hear from our National Food Services Manager John Casey. John talks about the work we have been doing with Nutrition Professionals Australia to ensure our food is nutritionally balanced for our residents.

View our extensive range of recipes you can cook at home

Recipe Library

Feast your eyes on some of the many recipes we have created with the help of Nutrition Professionals Australia. They prove that a healthy meal doesn’t have to be a boring one.

Cooking Demos

Before you start your food preparation watch a cooking demonstration. Preparing nutritious and delicious food is a lot easier when you’ve got an expert walking you through the process!

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