Stop breast cancer

Project Pink

In support of life-saving breast cancer research

Our charity of choice to stop breast cancer

Aveo’s communities and staff work together every year to raise vital funds for Project Pink.
No matter how big or small, your support can help make a difference too.

Changing lives through Project Pink

In support of life-saving breast cancer research

This year more than 3,100 Australian women will lose their battle with breast cancer – that’s eight women a day, making it the second most common cause of female cancer-related death. By donating to the Project Pink campaign, we are helping to progress A/Prof Fiona Simpson’s life-saving breast cancer research.

Our communities coming together

Residents, staff, and partners across our offices and 90+ communities have rallied together since 2016 to raise funds to support UQ Diamantina Institute Group Leader A/Prof Fiona Simpson and her lab’s ground-breaking research project.

Your generous support is now enabling Fiona and her team to set up a phase 2 clinical trial for patients with HER2-positive breast cancer. With your continued support in 2021, after the initial safety trial, they will be able to work towards a breast cancer trial in collaboration with the Kinghorn Cancer Centre and Garvan Institute in Sydney involving around 468 patients. The ultimate goal is to be able to provide a better treatment option for patients, which actually stops the cancer from coming back after therapy.
Donate to our fund raising initiative today, visit: Project Pink - Making pink a pretty colour again

Funds raised so far

Over the last five years, funds raised have had amazing life-changing impacts with a number of patients who otherwise would not of have had the opportunity.

Total funds raised so far:
2016 $64,088.30
2017 $324,364.54
2018 $308,877.68
2019 $276,883.64
2020 $80,596.94

Hear from A/Prof Fiona Simpson

Without Aveo’s support, the PA Research Foundation team would not have been able to complete lifesaving phase-one trails. Future funds will continue to support breast cancer research. We thank you for your generosity during this challenging time.

For more information visit Fundraise - Project Pink.

Project Pink
Project Pink   Help Aveo continue to fund research focused on beating breast cancer