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Raising vital funds

As part of our commitment to older Australians, in 2016 Aveo formed a partnership with the PA Research Foundation, home of the discovery of the world’s first cancer vaccine. This exciting national partnership involves working closely together to help spread the word about healthy living and healthy ageing, and raise much needed funds to invest back into life-changing medical research projects such as Project Pink.

Last year, Aveo staff and communities across the country embarked on a series of fundraising events to support the PA Research Foundation. In particular Project Pink, The PA Research Foundation’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness and Fundraising Campaign.

The Aveo ‘Project Pink’ events and corporate contributions raised more than $78,600 and have brought a meaningful and well timed injection of funds that will go towards supporting PA Foundation’s Dr Fiona Simpson and her team. Their work focuses on a world first revolutionary breast cancer treatment project; a project which will potentially change the effectiveness of breast cancer treatment on a global scale forever.

Aveo has helped us sponsor the actual experiments that happen in the lab”. Dr Simpson says. “Not only do we have to find the money to sponsor fellows, we also need to find the money to fund the work we do in the lab and the support from Aveo and their communities has allowed us to do the experiments”.

As our principles become aligned in transforming lives through increased health and wellbeing, Aveo are supporting ‘Project Pink’ again this year. Aveo staff and residents are coming together to raise further funds and with so many events already planned across the country, we hope to reach our fund raising goals this year.

Belinda Castle’s story

There will be *17,586 cases of breast cancer in Australia this year, which includes one of our own Aveo employees Belinda Castle, who was diagnosed just a few months ago. Below you will find a message from Scott Sheppeard, a close associate and friend of Belinda’s, who talks about the effect of her recent diagnosis. “The most difficult work day I’ve ever had, started with walking into the office and seeing her empty chair. I’d taken a phone call from my closest workmate Belinda a few days earlier. She’d had scans the night before, and burst into tears as she told me about her breast cancer diagnosis. It took about five days for it to sink it and really hit me, what will the outcome be for Belinda, her husband Ben and their twin daughters. The outpour of support from the team in the following days was phenomenal. We were able to provide direct support to Belinda and her family to help with some of the medical bills. We want to do more. I discussed a trivia night fundraiser with Belinda, she was touched. By this time Belinda had met many people with similar stories, and rather than funds going to her directly, she would like to see the event support cancer research. To this end, our Aveo partnership with Project Pink will help rally behind Belinda and so many others who are touched by this disease and provide much needed funds, providing a lifeline to the research project. We want to send Belinda and others smiles, love, positivity and support, and to make a real difference for such an important cause.”  

October 2017 – National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As the philanthropic arm of the PA Campus, which includes the Translational Research Institute, the Foundation supports Australia’s leading research hospital and largest clinical trials centre in the southern hemisphere, funding world class research into deadly and debilitating diseases. The campus is also a leader in transplant medicine and immunology, in particular cancer immunology, and houses Australia’s busiest cancer clinical centre. The PA Campus is one of the most energetic research precincts in the nation, and a world leader with nearly 1300 researchers pursuing transformational research that has a real and tangible impact on people’s day-to-day lives in a variety of ways – from investigating disease prevention, early detection, treatment and cures. Together with the foundation we will deliver programs encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and fundraising events to raise funds for medical research projects, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and many more.

*Statistics and information sourced from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s Cancer in Australia 2017 report.

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