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What to ask when touring a retirement village

Whether you are beginning to think about or have decided it’s time, moving out of your family home can be an exciting time.

Touring a retirement village is a perfect way to explore a community first hand and discover what retirement living is really like.

More importantly, it’s an opportunity for you to have your questions answered and see if the village you tour is somewhere that you would like to call home.

During the tour, you can expect to meet some of the village staff and residents. It’s a great time to gather information, inspect multiple styles of homes, review costs and inclusions, and explore the many amenities and facilities offered at the community.

It’s important to have an idea of what you’re looking for before you go. Having a check list of important features and any questions you’re hoping to ask will help shape your personalised tour.

You’re more than welcome to bring your family along to your tour; it’s a great chance for everyone to ask questions, and have their thoughts heard.

What are the living options at Aveo?

It’s important to understand what your level of need is, right now, and whether that may change in the future. Do you, or will you need help with housekeeping? Maybe you’d like a specialist to visit you in the privacy of your own home? Care choices differ between communities so it’s important to find out if the level of support you need is available. Be sure to explore your options before you tour.

What is it like living in a retirement village?

One of the main benefits of retirement living is the community and being able to form connections.

As you tour the village, feel free to ask residents what they love about living at Aveo. Finding out what type of events and facilities are available could help you to see how you might be able to get involved.

For an honest perspective on what life is like at Aveo, read about Jenny and David’s move.

How close are services, shops, and amenities to the village?

While some may have a doctor’s office, hair dresser, or even a mini supermarket onsite, every Aveo community is different. Each village’s unique location means that the amenities offered are different too. Feel free to ask the Sales team, and current residents about how far away the local shops, and services are and if there is a bus service available.

How big is the village and what are future plans in the area?

As each village differs in terms of build, features, amenities, and size, this is a difficult one to broadly answer. It’s best to ask staff and residents whilst on the tour.

Your preference for a larger or smaller village does not mean one is better than the other, and it’s important to find out if works to expand your preferred village, or nearby amenities would affect how you feel about calling that village home in the future.

What are the village rules?

Before you decide to move in, make sure you know all the rules around visitors, pets, and car parking. If you don’t receive a village handbook after your visit, feel free to ask for one. The handbook outlines everything or visit our website’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.

What types of properties are available in a retirement village?

Units or villas are typically one, two or three-bedroom layouts, usually with a private outdoor area.

Apartment-style properties range from studio through to penthouse layouts (and everything in between), often with a balcony. Some include a car space as complimentary, however, in some villages a car space can be purchased as an add on.

Serviced apartments typically are available in a studio, one or two-bedroom layouts with meals provided and staff to look after some domestic services.

Begin your search and learn about the different types of properties available at Aveo communities.

How much does moving into a retirement home cost?

Understanding what your move into retirement living will cost is an important consideration. Each village has varied home types, which you can choose from based on your preferences and needs. Each type of home has a listed property price just the same as in general real estate. Each location will also affect the price.

Aveo also has over the past year, worked to breakdown the complexity of contracts into three easy to understand options, which come with different entry costs and exit entitlements. The availability of the contract options depends on the community or home you select.

Each Aveo retirement village has a dedicated sales team, who are always happy to meet with you in person, or over the phone, and answer any questions you may have – including questions about costs and contracts, as well as facilities available at the village, and in the surrounding areas. In the meantime, you can visit the cost webpage to understand a bit more before your tour.

What services are included in the service fees?

What is covered by service fees can vary between villages, but you can often expect fees to include management, council rates, and water. Additionally, maintenance of the shared community spaces and gardens is all usually included, so all you need to do is enjoy them. If you are looking at apartment living options, rather than villa options, service fees could cover the cost of lifts and lift maintenance, and shared community spaces, as well as vertical gardens and the other, aforementioned costs like water, and management.

How do I choose a retirement home?

Retirement living has pivoted in recent years to match or exceed the expectations of retirees. Touring a community is one of the best ways to get a real feel for what your life might be like there. It’s important to remember that each and every community offers something unique. That’s why visiting several communities is so important to find the one that suits you and to experience each community that you like, at different times and in different ways, such as a personalised tour or Open Home.

We hope that with these questions help you to decide if retirement living will suit you and your lifestyle, and what type of retirement village works best for you.

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