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Stress-free ways to declutter and sell your home


Click the play button above to watch our free online masterclass. 

At Aveo, we know that one of the biggest hurdles to downsizing is simply the thought of doing it!

The work involved in streamlining a whole home’s worth of belongings and getting that home ready for sale, while worrying about whether it’s really the right time to sell, can seem like just too much to tackle.

But you don’t have to let your pile of ‘stuff’ or your worries about selling get in the way of a better retirement.

Click above to watch our free online masterclass, where you'll hear straight from the experts and have your downsizing questions answered!

Join Starts at 60 founder and CEO Rebecca Wilson, home-improver extraordinaire Julia Zaetta, who edited Australia’s beloved Better Homes and Gardens magazine for more than 18 years, and property market expert Eliza Owen, the head of Australian research at property data firm CoreLogic, as they discuss:

  • How to make decluttering a less stressful experience
  • Where to sell, trade or donate your unwanted items
  • Preserving the precious memories from your family home
  • Dressing your home for a better sale price
  • The outlook for property markets across Australia
  • Different ways to sell your home during Covid-19
  • Property trends that can work in your favour when selling


Don’t stay in a home that no longer suits your lifestyle - hear straight from the experts everything you need to know to downsize with ease!


Want to know more about retirement community living?

Join Starts at 60 founder and CEO Rebecca Wilson, veteran finance guru Noel Whittaker, downsizing expert Rachel Lane, and Marilyn Graham, Aveo's expert on retirement living, for a free masterclass where you'll learn everything you've wanted to know about retirement community living!

Click below to watch this masterclass now.

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