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Is retirement living right for you?

Moving to a retirement community is, unquestionably, a big decision that requires careful thought, conversations with family and friends and planning. With so many choices out there, it may feel daunting to start with but, for many, it’s time to look forward to a fresh new chapter.

There’s lots to look forward to

For some, it’s the relief of no longer having to worry about maintaining a big house and garden. Or feeling more relaxed about money after downsizing. For others, it’s that reassuring feeling of being part of a community with people looking out for you. Finding a place that truly is home.

Feeling relief after downsizing

Where you choose to live has a huge impact on your overall happiness in life. Downsizing can be an emotional experience, especially when you’ve lived in your family home for many years.

Your new home may be a smaller, more considered space, but that also means it’s easier to maintain – freeing up more time for the things you enjoy.

When Gabrielle and Roger moved to Australia, they looked at all of their options and even lived in another suburb before deciding on an Aveo retirement community.

“The great thing about retirement living is all your worries are taken away,” said Gabrielle.

“You’ve got no lawns to be mowed. No edges to be cut. Just look forward to Happy Hour at four o’clock. It’s perfect,” Roger added.

For some, downsizing can also free up funds so you can live a more comfortable life in retirement.

“We don’t have financial worries. We are really just enjoying our lives together,” another resident Del said. “And Aveo makes it much easier.”


Finding a sense of belonging

Del and her husband chose to make the move to retirement living to be surrounded by like-minded people who genuinely love their community and enjoy a full life, rather than retiring from it.

“Living in a townhouse complex where we were the only retired people there, was very lonely and a bit isolating."

“My husband was very keen to move and I didn’t think I was quite ready. So, we toured a lot of retirement communities and came back to Aveo,” said Del.  “Turns out I was ready!”

Aveo Community Manager, Nerissa Stanley, has welcomed many new residents over the years.

“When a new resident moves in we invite them to a morning tea with their new neighbours, who have moved in at around the same time,” said Ms Stanley.

“It’s a great way to have their questions answered and make new friends.”

Your home is your own and you can enjoy it with your friends and family—fur babies too.* In fact, you may have trouble getting them to leave!

Wilhelmina made the move and her youngest son Nelson comes to visit several times a week.

“He misses my home cooking and hates driving in town. He comes to visit me and says ‘thank God I’m here’,” said Wilhelmina. “I told him he’s coming here in a few years!”

“A lot of people have to find the time to visit their parents or grandparents. It’s an absolute joy to come visit Mum here. It’s a haven,” Nelson agreed. “I’m just happy that she’s happy. I don’t have to worry.”



Enjoying a lifestyle with less worries

Many people who have made the move to Aveo describe their new lifestyle as “easy living”.

While you’re likely to have more time to choose what you want to do, some residents find they become busier than they have been in years with all the different facilities and activities on offer.*

From swimming in the community pool, lunch with friends, working out in the gym or tending to the community herb garden, to taking part in arts and crafts, line dancing, croquet and even day tours, there is time to discover new interests and renew your passion for old ones.

“I go line dancing! It makes me feel invigorated and full of life,” shared Del.

“We’re all laughing and just really enjoying the moment.”

And going on holidays is never a problem.

“My husband and I just feel so secure here. You don’t have to worry. You go away and come back and everything is just how you left it. Lock up and leave,” said Del.

“If you are pretty social, or you like meeting people, this is the place to be,” said Roger. “Don’t leave it too late to move in.”



Knowing your future is sorted

At this stage of life, it’s important to also consider how your needs may change over time.

While some communities may have services and amenities like a visiting GP, hairdresser, or even a café or restaurant, every retirement community is different.*

It comes down to what is most appealing to you and finding that right fit.

When it comes to getting a little extra care and support, you may have heard the term ‘Home Care Package’ and wondered what it’s all about. Put simply, it’s a coordinated package of government-funded services that meet your assessed needs and goals.

Or, in other words, a package designed to support your lifestyle. As an accredited provider of Home Care Services*, the team at Aveo can not only offer guidance on what options may be available to you and the process on finding out if you’re eligible, but once you’ve been assessed and approved, they can match you with the right services and support – all in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

So, what’s next?

If you’ve been considering a change in your lifestyle, it’s important to do your research. Visiting a number of retirement communities is highly recommended.

Aveo offers discovery tours to give people the opportunity to explore communities firsthand and see what retirement living is really like. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to chat to the staff and residents to have your questions answered and see if the community you tour is somewhere that you would like to call home.

Retirement living may not be for everyone, but the friendly team at Aveo are there to help you make the decision that’s right for you – one with a little relief, less worries and a whole lot more looking forward to life.


*Pets are welcome subject to management approval. Services, facilities and activities vary between communities and based on your home and contract option. Home Care Services based on your care needs, availability and eligibility. 

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