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Downsizing to The Manors


Aveo communities across Australia are filled with individuals and couples from an array of backgrounds.

At The Manors of Mosman, our elegant retirement village on the lower north shore of Sydney, we have Mary-Anne and David, who have just made the move into the community after making the decision to downsize from their Northern Beaches home.

We reached out to them both to see how they were enjoying this next chapter of their lives and to discover what convinced them that The Manors of Mosman retirement village was the right place to call home.


Could we start with background about you, your husband and your family?

"David grew up on the west coast of Scotland, and I grew up in South East Asia in India, Pakistan, Singapore & Malaysia, attending boarding school in Edinburgh. We met and married in London and migrated to Australia in 1986 after three years living in the Sultanate of Oman."


What were your professions prior to your retirement and when did you begin contemplating the move?

"We were both solicitors in large city firms in London and later in Sydney. In the early 1990s, I retrained and worked in IT in Sydney for about 20 years. David retired as a partner in a Sydney law firm in the late 1990s, and since then he has been a full-time private investor, managing our finances and our SMSF. 

"We began thinking about a move to a retirement village about 2 years ago. We are in our mid-to-late 60s."


What factors convinced you the timing was right?

"Not having children, we recognised that we were responsible for our care as we got older. Our home of the last 30 years on the Northern Beaches, with its sloping garden and steep access, would be a difficult place to grow old. We felt it would take time to find the right place to live in retirement, and did not want to be forced to compromise in our choice or attempt a big move later on."


How did you know that The Manors of Mosman was the right place for you both?

"We wanted a spacious home in pleasant surroundings, but still be close to shops, cafés and restaurants and have easy access to the city for entertainment. We attended two events at the Manors organised by Aveo, and from the beginning were struck by the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. We could see it was very well run, as well as being in a good location close to Mosman Village and Cremorne shopping facilities.

"We were impressed by the elegant accommodation, the lovely gardens, the amenities, especially the pool and gym, and the delightful staff. We allowed ourselves plenty of time to find the right home but in the end the perfect unit came available almost immediately, so we felt it was meant to be. 

"Since moving in we’ve discovered, to our additional delight, that our favourite cinema, the Orpheum, and favourite Indian restaurant, Nilgiri’s, are within easy walking distance."


As new residents, how do you both feel about the measures that Aveo put into place to mitigate the threat of the pandemic?

"We were very impressed with the measures Aveo put in place, especially their decision to pay for security attendants to register visitors and check temperatures. Their clear advice to residents on how to stay safe and their actions in closing the facilities and encouraging social distancing, have all proved successful so far in containing the virus."


What is one thing your neighbours would be surprised to learn about you both?

"We enjoy swimming - we love the community pool - and in recent years, we have been on ocean swimming holidays in the Mediterranean, the Greek Islands especially. This year’s trip has been cancelled for obvious reasons, but next year is already rebooked. In 2015, I even swam the Hellespont from Europe to Asia, which was a very special experience, being the Gallipoli Centenary."


Do you have any advice for people who might be unsure about making the move into a retirement community, particularly at this point in time?

"Don’t let the pandemic change any of your timing or decision making. Everyone involved in helping you move, from removalists to furniture retailers, are happy to have the work, and Aveo will support you."

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