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Why an apartment with services might be your best retirement living choice

Apartments with services (also known as serviced apartments) can be an excellent option for retirees keen to downsize and want to continue living as independently as possible but could do with some additional help.

Before we look at why an apartment with services might be the best choice for you, let’s consider some of the reasons why retirees might want to downsize in the first place.

Why would I downsize?

Moving from your home is a major life decision – financially, logistically and emotionally. So why would you downsize? There are myriad reasons for wanting to change your home base as you get older. For example:

  • Perhaps the maintenance and upkeep of your house are too much of a burden. Mowing lawns, clearing gutters, fixing leaks and staying on top of plumbing and heating can present more of a physical challenge as you age.
  • Maybe the house doesn’t suit your needs as an older person – it can be a relief to say goodbye to trip hazards, narrow doorways and steep staircases.
  • Neighbourhoods change over the years and people move away. You might not have the same sense of belonging as you once did. 
  • Maybe you’re looking for some momentum to start being more active and would like to make social connections and enjoy recreation. 

Downsizing into retirement living can address all those challenges.

A low maintenance property means you don’t have to spend every weekend weeding and sweeping and retirement living homes are designed and purpose built for people who want to age comfortably, with layouts and features designed for older people.

Retirement living can also present opportunities for new friendships, fresh interests and a healthy and active lifestyle that suits your abilities and needs.

So, where do apartments with services fit into the picture?

What are apartments with services?

Apartments with services are usually integrated into existing retirement villages but differ from other residences in that they come with some extra help. This could include cleaning and laundering and daily delivery of meals.

Apartments with services are usually studio or one or two-bedroom units and many also have a small outdoor area.

Why choose an apartment with services?

Consider an apartment with services if you like the sound of a retirement living community but need extra assistance managing a few daily domestic tasks.

Living in an apartment with services still means you have your own space and independence, but they also offer the opportunity for additional help. You might share some meals in the community dining room but have at least one delivered daily. House cleaning and laundering can also help reduce the physical burden of living alone, especially if you have mobility issues. There is usually a 24/7 emergency call system should you need urgent assistance.

While meal delivery, house cleaning and laundry are some of the most commonly provided services, some providers also offer nursing support or visits by allied health professionals to residents in apartments with services.

Understandably, you might be worried that moving from your family home will stop you from doing the things you enjoy. So be sure to research your retirement living provider to find a place that opens up your world instead of making it smaller. For example, while you may not miss clearing the gutters every month, pottering in the garden is one of your great pleasures. Make sure you find somewhere that allows you to continue doing that in a communal garden. Love seeing a film at the local theatre but find public transport too tricky to negotiate? Set yourself up somewhere that offers regular outings in a way that’s safe and manageable for you.

An apartment with services means you can enjoy all those benefits of retirement living with the peace of mind that you are in a home you feel comfortable, safe and supported.

Getting ready to downsize and move into the next stage of your retirement to get the support you need can be as simple as an apartment with services. Explore your options today.

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