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Move with ease

Downsize for easy living with Aveo

Are you an Aveo resident seeking a centrally located home with easy access to the community hub? Maybe you want to move closer to family? With Aveo, downsizing within our retirement living portfolio is simple, unlocking these benefits and more.

Top reasons Aveo residents make the move

Ease of living

Delight in effortless upkeep of a studio or one-bed home.


Move closer to loved ones nearby or interstate.


Live nearby facilities, activities & services as needs change.

Here's how it works

Choose to move

We handle marketing your current home for a smooth transition.

Move on in

Settle into your new home without waiting for your current home to sell.

Live well

Enjoy life to the fullest with lowmaintenance living in a central location.

The details

The details

  • Support in selling - We handle the sale of your home, managing all preparations.
  • No service fee double up - We take over the service fee on your current home, ensuring no additional costs.
  • Receive a discount - We offer discounts on the management fee associated with your new property
  • No 'top up' payments - We assure you pay no more than what you receive from the sale of your home.

Questions? Speak to your friendly community team today.

1. Application and Eligibility

a. The Move with Ease offer (Offer) is open to eligible Aveo residents who reside in an Independent Living Unit (ILU), Independent Living Apartment (ILA) or Serviced Apartment (SA) and who wish to move within the Aveo leasehold and licence portfolio to a smaller home (Eligible Resident).

b. This Offer allows an Eligible Resident that resides in an ILU/ILA to transfer to a smaller ILU/ILA or SA.

c. For avoidance of doubt, this Offer specifically excludes an Aveo resident moving from an SA to a larger ILU/ILA. It is a move to a home that is a smaller size to the current home.

d. An Eligible Resident who does not meet the criteria in 1(b)(c) above and wishes to transfer, will be considered by Aveo on a case-by-case basis and not necessarily on the same terms as the Offer.

e. The Offer is available for Eligible Residents until 31 December 2024.

f. The Offer only allows transfers to a studio or 1-bed ILU, ILA or SA owned by Aveo that does not have a vacating resident. Certain homes within this category may be ineligible.

g. Some Eligible Residents’ residence agreements may already have conditions that allow them to transfer within Aveo communities. Relevant residents are able to choose from their contractual benefits or this Offer.

2. Preconditions to move

a. The transfer can only occur when:

       i. Aveo has agreed to the transfer and confirmed that the new home selected is available and eligible, in its absolute discretion;

       ii. the Resident has agreed to the resale price and scope of work to be undertaken on their current unit;

       iii. the Resident appoints and continues to appoint Aveo’s related real estate agent to sell the right to reside in the unit;

       iv. the Resident undertakes and the applicable screening application with the Community Manager as part of the new home application; and

       v. the relevant statutory disclosure and cooling-off periods have expired, the Resident has sought any legal and financial advice they wish to and signed and returned the residence contract and any personal service agreements in respect of their proposed ILU/ILA or SA.

3. Current Home

a. The deferred management fee and general service charges or service fees (also known as recurrent charges in some states) on the Resident’s current home will cease being calculated and charged by Aveo in respect of periods after the date the Resident provides vacant possession of their current home and precondition 2(a)(ii) above has been met. Please see further details in item 4(d) in respect to the deferred management fee under your New Home contract.

b. The exit entitlement will be paid (or transferred as payment of the entry payment of the new home) on the exit entitlement date as defined in the Resident’s current residence agreement.

c. All other rights and obligations in respect to the Resident’s current residence agreement remain unchanged.

4. New Home

a. A Resident must select a ‘Later’ or ‘Freedom Later’ contract for a ILU/ILA or SA located in a leasehold or licence Aveo Community. Other Aveo contract options are not available under this Offer.

b. This agreement will include a 6-month buyback provision.

c. Any contractual cooling-off, money back guarantees or additional disclosure periods under the Later or Freedom Later contract will be removed. The statutory cooling-off, disclosure, and any settling-in periods will remain.

d. A Resident will receive a discount on the Deferred Management Fee/Exit Fee/Departure Fee (DMF). If the Resident has:

       i. reached the maximum DMF on their current home’s residence agreement, then a 10% DMF cap will apply to the new home residence agreement. For example, if the maximum DMF for the current home percentage is 35% and on the exit entitlement date of the current home residence agreement, a 35% DMF is payable, then under the terms of the new home’s residence agreement a 10% DMF on the new home’s entry payment will apply; or

       ii. not reached the maximum percentage DMF under their current home’s residence contract, then the Resident can transfer the balance of their DMF percentage from their current home’s residence agreement plus 10% to their new home’s residence agreement as a percentage cap of the DMF ordinarily calculated under the contract for the new home. For example, if the maximum DMF percentage for the current home is 35% and on the exit entitlement date of the current home’s residence agreement, a 30% DMF is payable, then under the new home’s residence agreement a capped 15% DMF on the new home’s entry payment will accrue.

The DMF will be subject to the cap but accrue in the usual way specified by the contract option.

e. If there is a difference between the exit entitlement from the current home and the entry payment of the new home and that amount is:

       i. a negative number, Aveo will allow the Resident to defer the difference to exit of the new home. This means that a Resident is not required to pay any additional amount towards the entry payment for the new home on settlement of the new home; or

       ii. a positive number, Aveo will refund the difference to the Resident on the exit entitlement date under the current home’s residence agreement.

f. Aveo will pay the Operator's legal costs associated with the transfer. To avoid doubt, if the Resident engages their own solicitor, the Resident is responsible for their solicitor’s legal costs.