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The Aveo Brand Promise: ‘We will grow with older Australians by inspiring greater living choices.’

Aveo is a leading owner, operator and manager of retirement communities across Australia. Aveo’s retirement philosophy is underpinned by a commitment to provide a continuum of care for 13,000 residents in 93 communities across Australia.

In November 2013, FKP Limited rebranded to Aveo Group Limited in order to reinforce the commitment to provide the best in retirement living choices in Australia.

The choice to 'live well' in retirement

To ‘live well’ in retirement is an aspiration that all Australians share. Over the coming decades, demand for retirement living will change dramatically.

The dynamics of the market will be driven not only by an ageing population but by changing expectations. Older Australians will increasingly demand more – more services, more value and more choice.

The Aveo Brand Promise

‘We will grow with older Australians by inspiring greater living choices.’

The Aveo brand promise communicates two key aspects of value. Firstly it signals a change in our path to growth. Our growth is tied to older Australians – one that requires a long-term view to deliver stable, predictable returns.

Secondly it directs our focus. Our focus is firmly on our current and future residents and in particular on ‘inspiring greater choices’ in retirement living.

Please note: Information such as asset values, project dates and issues is based on feasibility studies and projections. Actual values, dates and uses may vary after the date of the publication due to market conditions, delays in the receipt of approvals, construction delays or other factors. Dimensions provided are indicative only and may be subject to change.


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