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Retiring in today's economy

For anyone worried about their money in retirement, Noel Whittaker explores the state of the economy, including the impact of inflation, when to downsize and how to capitalise on the real estate market, so you can feel more financially comfortable in retirement.

Tips and traps for retirement living

For anyone thinking about moving, but don’t know where to start, Rachel Lane explores the benefits of downsizing, how to decide which retirement community is right for you, financial implications, possible regrets, barriers and more, so you can enjoy your next chapter.

Downsizing from the family home

Deciding to sell your family home and move to a retirement village can be an emotional journey, but it can also be rewarding. Discover tips for how to choose the right real estate professional, the different methods of sale and some simple ideas to achieve the best result, that won’t break the bank.

Decluttering ready to downsize

Preparing to move into a retirement village can be overwhelming, physically and emotionally. We often have a lot of things – some with special meaning, some we paid good money for, while others simply take up space. Discover ways to ease yourself into the process of decluttering and find out more about the expert support available to help ensure your move is as smooth as possible.

Retirement village costs clarified

Costs and finances are important to consider when decision-making, and the same goes when moving into a retirement village. Hear about some of the ingoing, ongoing and outgoing costs you may need to think about, the impact of downsizing on things such as your pension, tax and superannuation, and why it’s important to seek professional financial advice.

Retirement village contracts explained

Retirement village contracts, and the laws surrounding them, can be really confusing. Discover some of the key differences between house contracts and retirement village contracts, other legal considerations such as your will, power of attorney and estate planning generally, and why seeking professional legal support is a good idea.

Retirement living lifestyle and community

Many people aren’t sure what to expect when it comes to retirement living. Hear first-hand from residents of an Aveo retirement community about their experiences, comparing life before and after they moved to a retirement village, to see if it might suit you.

Services and support in retirement

If you’re thinking about retirement living, it’s important to also consider how your needs may change over time. Find out more about the services and support that may be available to you, such as cleaning, gardening, maintenance, transport, meals, exercise and wellness classes, and more, and how to access them.

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