Mobile Rehab tips for an active retirement

All the tips you need for a happier, healthier retirement

Knowing what to eat and the types of exercise we should be doing can be confusing, especially if you have some health concerns.

Erin is an Exercise Physiologist with Mobile Rehab and has compiled her top tips that you can easily incorporate into your everyday routine that are sure to get you feeling great.

Three tips for preventing falls

How to prevent falls

Decreased balance is a large contributing factor to falls but there are simple ways to improve your balance and steps you can take to reduce your falls risk.

Four tips for exercise and motivation

How to stay motivated

Everyone struggles with exercise and motivation sometimes, especially when it isn't part of your normal routine. Hear Erin's top 3 tips for staying motivated to reach your fitness goals

Three tips for nutrition and wellbeing

Nutrition and wellbeing

Good nutrition plays a key role in reducing the risk of injury by helping strengthen your bones. Erin from Mobile Rehab shares her top nutrition tips to help improve your overall wellbeing.

Four tips for cardiovascular fitness

Cardiovascular fitness

Cardiovascular fitness is the ability of your heart to keep your muscles pumping. Erin recommends trying walking, swimming and low impact group classes with friends to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

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