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Bring compassion to life


Bring compassion to life in our Care Team

Bring compassion to life in our Care Team

As an Approved Provider of Home Care, Aveo’s care team are dedicated to supporting residents and their families navigate the support they need in retirement by connecting them with the people and services that matter most. Focused on creating connected communities where people feel safe and are proud to call home, our home care team helps our residents live life at its best during their retirement years. 

Our care team members take pride in making a difference in resident’s lives, communicating and collaborating in a respectful and compassionate way.

Care Team Video

Watch how we bring compassion to life at Aveo

Typical Roles

Typical Roles

Personal Care Attendant: Delivers social, domestic and personal care services to our residents focused on supporting resident goals.

Case Managers: Our Case Managers engage with residents and families to develop and deliver a tailored and personalised plan with services and support aimed at delivering independence and enablement for as long as possible.

Registered Nurse: Provides safe and quality clinical care services to residents in our communities.

Our People Stories



Clinical Case Manager

I have worked in the aged care and retirement industry since I was seventeen. I was drawn to the industry as caring roles have always come naturally to me. This is due to my upbringing, as my grandmother partially raised me. With her influence, I learned early on that when you see a person needing help and support, you do all you can. Having her as a role model, I wanted to give back to seniors and provide the best support and care they need.

I have held various roles since starting at Aveo in 2017. Currently, I'm a Case Manager at Forest Grove Retirement Living. I love it. It's fantastic!  Every day is different.

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I support residents in the community who have chosen Aveo home care services to manage their home care packages. I also visit residents' homes to discuss available care support options, connecting them with Australian Government-funded services, such as My Aged Care, and requesting assessments and support to keep them healthy in their own homes.

In my role, relationship building is essential from the moment you meet residents and for the duration of their journey with us at Aveo. It provides familiarity and ensures clients are comfortable to call you and ask for assistance. It's the reason I get out of bed.

Recently I supported a home care consumer by attending a medical appointment to help inform their medical team of the services that Aveo could provide with the Home Care Package (HCP). The consumer and his wife had not been apart during their marriage for long periods, and the Home Care Package enables them to stay together in their own home and be safe.

This is one example of how I can make genuine connections and enhance people's lives. Aveo has a great vision for supporting retired Australians to remain independent and safe. I'm proud to be a part of this, to help people live their best lives and positively impact the people around me.

Working at Aveo allows me to bring my personal beliefs of care, kindness and respect into my work environment. At Aveo, continuous support is readily accessible to you. This assistance stems from various sources within my network, including my regional manager, the accounts department, village managers and our wider team.

Together, this team forms a comprehensive network of resources offering guidance and support as I carry out my day-to-day activities. I've earned a reputation for embodying sincere care, kindness, and compassion. Aveo empowers me to nurture my enthusiasm for aiding and enhancing people's lives within a secure and welcoming environment.



Personal Care Assistant

Working at Aveo, I’ve realised that I have a lot of empathy. Learning this about my personality has helped foster my love of helping people, especially older generations. I approach the residents in the same light as my grandparents. It’s about giving them the best care and support as I would my own family members.

Aging can be challenging. On some days, residents experience setbacks. That's why I bring a positive energy, a gentle approach and a sense of pride to my work each day. This passion and happiness makes my tasks more enjoyable. Seeing how my company and assistance brightens residents' days is pleasing.

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For example, a resident I care for struggles with mobility and agility. She gets frustrated and upset with herself. So I always strive to reassure her. I take my time, whether that’s having a quick tea together, or sharing family pictures and stories. My positive outlook and kind demeanor help make her feel comfortable and supported. And I leave with her smiling.

My manager and team support are incredible at Aveo. I'm encouraged to take my time and never rush care, ensuring that I give residents the best possible care. This stands out to me compared to other service providers I have worked with in the care industry. The Comcare platform on my smartphone details daily tasks and care requirements, aligning with each resident's support plan. Each day is varied and can include activities such as showering, social outings, games and activities, meal services, laundry and ironing services, and breakfast top-ups, to name a few. It's all set out for you in Comcare, making the day easy and providing generous time allocations.

On occasions when a resident needs more assistance, the team pitches in to help complete tasks, ensuring everyone's care plans are actioned and residents’ safety is first and paramount. And if a team member needs guidance, we always help each other. This is vital in maintaining a healthy workplace and providing the utmost care, positively impacting our residents. I've gained a lot of new friendships at Aveo and enjoy the socialisation activities too.

I feel good after visiting residents! It makes me happy seeing the positive impact I have in making their lives a little easier. It's my first job where coming to work doesn't feel like a chore or a mundane part of life. I come to work excited to see, engage with and learn from the residents. It's a very rewarding job to be able to give back to the community.

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