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The importance of breakfast

Wake up, roll out of bed and say hello to a new day. Revitalise with a fresh shower, get dressed, and now you’re ready for your first meal of the day.

Breakfast is the time to fill your tank with the sort of fuel that will provide you a day of optimum health, happiness and energy.

Nutrition Professionals Australia accredited dietitian Anne Schneyder advises that a well-planned breakfast, one that considers your daily nutrient requirements, goes a long way to ensuring a good day.

“As we age our need for protein is higher than when we were younger,” she told Seniors Newspaper.

In fact, Anne draws on contemporary evidence to point to the importance of adequate protein in the prevention of muscle loss. However, she understands the practicalities of preparing and planning meals.

“In practice, meals should fit in with your schedule,” she said.

And since most people’s schedules change according to daily lifestyle plans, she said the best way to ensure proper nourishment was to consider meal quality.

But, breakfast, she said, held the potential to make a major contribution to an appropriate daily intake of calcium, fibre and protein.

Anne suggested breakfast foods such as eggs, baked beans, milk and yoghurt to fill the good nutrition bill.

Anne suggested a plan of perfect nourishment would include protein intake extended through to lunch and dinner meals.

In terms of myth-busting, Anne said even if your cholesterol levels are high, you can eat eggs every day. But, when it comes to the old-fashioned fry-up breakfast, it’s time you consider a healthier approach.

“Lean bacon should be eaten more sparingly,” Anne said.

“Perhaps add some avocado, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes or salmon.”

However, if you prefer cereal, it’s best to choose one that is high in fibre with minimal added sugar.

“Rolled oats and porridge are excellent,” she continued.

“Make it with milk and add some dried or fresh fruit.

“A natural muesli is also an ideal choice. You can easily make your own with the rolled oats, bran, dried or fresh fruits and nuts and seeds, then add milk and yoghurt.”

Aveo have taken a more scientific approach to nutrition by creating a national nutritional framework.

Aveo’s National Food Services Manager, John Casey, strongly believes in senior nutrition and says that breakfast is important to start your day off right.

Skipping breakfast is not recommended, he says, as we need all the nutrients and nourishment we can in the morning to get us through the day.

“Nutrition Professionals Australia and Aveo have worked together to develop nutrition guidelines for all of Aveo’s catering services in our dining rooms and our ready-made meal offering, Nutrition Select,” John said.

“Aveo follow these guidelines in their communities to ensure residents are receiving the nutritious breakfasts they need to start their day off right.”

To help you plan a good breakfast, Anne and John have shared a sample menu:

⦁    Fruit or fresh juice
⦁    Muesli or porridge with milk and yoghurt
⦁    Grainy bread or toast with butter or margarine, plus an egg or fat reduced cheese, with avocado or grilled tomato or mushrooms or asparagus
⦁    Or if you are in a hurry, try a smoothie with yoghurt and fruit, oats or muesli, and nuts or seeds

Aveo, together with Nutrition Professionals Australia, have developed the Better food and nutrition handbook to provide older Australians with the vital ingredients necessary to enjoy a healthy lifestyle for many years to come.

Click below to download your copy. 


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