A safe home for mum


Hear from Maree and Sandra, daughters of Nanette, a resident at Freedom Concierge Bayside in Hampton, Victoria, as they share their story about how the community provides a safe place for their mum to call home.


"Our mother Nanette moved into Aveo Freedom Concierge Bayside in Hampton, Victoria, over eight years ago with her late husband Ron.

"Since making the move, she has enjoyed living in her own two bedroom apartment with the benefit of care and support from Aveo Freedom Concierge Bayside staff.

"A couple of months ago, mum was admitted into Rehabilitation Hospitalisation, after suffering a fall.  Our dear mum is at the tender age of 93.

"When it came time for her return to her home at Aveo Freedom Concierge Bayside, the specialised team at the Hospital were very reluctant to approve her return, expressing concerns that she wouldn’t be able to receive the care she needed.

"Mum was naturally eager to return to her home and as her two daughters, we wanted to make sure that her wishes were achieved.

"We know that Aveo Freedom staff can look after mum, therefore there was no need for her to go into an aged care facility where she doesn’t know anyone.

"To ensure that our voices were heard, we put mum’s case to the Hospital care team with the support of Marika, a member of the Freedom Industry team and Rajbir, one of the Care Managers at Freedom.

"With their support, we were able to help the physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker and visiting consultant, understand how the Freedom community could ensure that mum could remain in her Freedom home while receiving all the care she requires.

"We were grateful of the support from both Marika and Rajbir.

"Mum is now back in her own home receiving the care she deserves from competent staff that know our mum and care about her.

"From the moment you walk through the doors at Aveo Freedom Concierge Bayside, you know that you are in safe hands, from the mix of extremely competent administration staff, lifestyle staff and most importantly to us, the Care Staff under the watchful eye of Care Manager Shristi Singh, who provides exemplary care.

"We have no hesitation in providing this testimonial for anyone considering the Freedom Care way!"


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