It was meant to be


Hear from Fran and Doug, residents at Aveo Bella Vista retirement community, about their decision to make the move into retirement living and what makes the community such a great place to call home.

"We watched the big hole in the ground every day when we would drive past, never to imagine we would call it home.

"Out of curiosity, we went and had a look one Saturday morning, much to Doug's dismay - holding him to ransom - and thinking it was a hotel or office building.

"We were amazed by the professionalism shown by all the staff members. They were very welcoming and inviting.

"Walking in, we were not expecting the appearance of a five-start hotel. Although we weren't looking for a new place to live at the time, once taken to level five, we knew it was meant to be.

"Once the door was opened, Doug said, "This is it." We were both stunned and excited for the journey ahead.

"Following our visit, we went straight to the real-estate agent, and an hour later, our house was up for sale. We were very lucky that our house sold in one and a half weeks, then it all happened.

"From the very first day, the staff had us feeling at home and like it was meant to be. We were invited along to happy hour on Friday nights, and had a wonderful experience meeting our new friends and getting to know each other. It was very hard to leave those Friday nights, to go back to our "old" home. 

"Our families were very happy about our move and couldn't wait to join us on this new endeavour. Community staff were amazing and continuously went above and beyond. Nothing we requested was too much, which we greatly appreciated. With their help and encouragement, they made our move smooth and easy. Without them, we would still be wondering about what our future holds.

"Living at Aveo Bella Vista is something everyone has to experience. It is truly incredible and we wouldn't change it for the world."


Click below to discover Aveo Bella Vista, a retirement village in the Hills Shire of Sydney.

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