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Aveo Botanic Gardens celebrated their bi-annual themed dinner with the theme of Musical Mad Hatters.

The event was held in the marvelously decorated Aveo Botanic Gardens lounge room, adorned with colourful balloons and a myriad of weird and wonderful hats!

Residents were encouraged to present their own ‘Musical Mad Hat’ – that is, a hat decorated to the theme of a well-known song – and the results were fabulous!

With prizes offered for the best hats, “How much is that Doggie” took home the first prize, while other memorable mentions included “Hawthorn Footy song” and “Happy Birthday”. But with much glitter, stuffed animals, dolls and streamers, the competition was certainly fierce.

All rivalry was forgotten as the music began and the dance floor populated! With all residents and staff either dancing or singing along, chatting and laughing, the night was certainly a grand success.

All residents should be very proud of their creativity – just another trait that makes the Aveo Botanic Gardens community so special.



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