Python Patrol at Aveo Camden Downs

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Earlier this month, a large black and yellow carpet python was found in the backyard of a villa at the Aveo Camden Downs retirement village in Camden South.

All was quiet until the sound of a smashing pot and the fence-perched birds simultaneously taking flight caught the attention of the resident, alerting them that something was amiss. The quick thinking village gardener/handyman, Shane took an emergency call about the situation and sprang into action. He contacted a local snake handler who was on site to assist within approximately 20 minutes. The snake handler collected the 2.5 metre long python with a swift and experienced hand. He ascertained the ‘unnamed’ python to be a young lady of a few years young, possibly a runaway pet. On appearance the python had been in the wild for some time and was showing wounds, possibly from a scuffle with a dog or cat. The good news is that she was being taken to a vet for wound dressing and some TLC, with the outlook of being released into a more suitable bushland habitat once recovered.

As far as pythons go, she was very relaxed once in the safe hands of the handler and even posed for a few photos for the gathering residents and families members who came to admire the unexpected visitor.  The snake handler even provided the audience with a quick lesson on pythons.



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