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This is a story about a generous resident at Aveo Fulham who provided a record player and scores of wonderful vinyl records, crying out to be played to the residents of the village who were waiting to hear them. Strauss Waltzes, Nana Mouskouri, Gilbert & Sullivan and best loved hymns amongst the selection. So the story continues. There had to be a plan to use this gift and so there was. During the period of daylight savings, the second Sunday of each month, starting in November at 7pm to 8.30 pm, there would be music under the stars. The green lawn, set amongst gardens full of roses in bloom, situated in front of the heritage two-storey Aveo building was ideal for placing chairs here and there. The venue was one you could only dream about. Nature was kind on this peaceful and balmy evening, letting the sun set slowly in the West. The evening was also enhanced by the presence of yellow crested cockatoos, squawking their own version of the music as they circled overhead, preparing to settle for the night in the nearby remains of giant gums, hundreds of years old. Residents returned to their units with the sound of music in their hearts. Story written by Pam Cooke, Resident, Aveo Fulham, SA.  

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