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Jo-Anne Quinn has recently been appointed as the Village Manager of The Manors of Mosman retirement village however the name may sound familiar to some as she has worked at the village in the past as the former Sales Consultant.

Upon her return, Jo-Anne met some old friends as well as some new faces. One of these new faces is Mr Pedr Davis, an author of popular motoring books and magazines including Motor Wheel, Modern Motor, Road & Track, and Popular Science. Mr Davis is now embarking on a new venture by writing the history of The Manors of Mosman. He has started the history from the beginning with the subdivision of the land in Mosman to the building of Alanbrook and Cambridge Private Hospital by Dr Seaborn (1912-2008), an interesting character himself. The hospital was pulled down to make way for Stage 1 of The Manors of Mosman in later years. Mrs Renate Cowan and her husband, Professor Cowan bought two units “off the plan” at The Manors of Mosman – a daring move at that time.

During this period, Professor Cowan was still working as a Professor of Architecture at Sydney University and had published many books.  Professor Cowan stayed up late at night reading and working, hence the purchase of two units. Professor Cowan has since passed away and Mrs Cowan has sold one of the units and continues to live a fulfilled and busy life at The Manors. Mr Davis’ project to document the history of The Manors of Mosman is a work in progress but should one day be an exciting and intriguing read.


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