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Ending last year on a philanthropic note, the Aveo Cleveland Gardens Craft Ladies Group raised over one thousand dollars for local charity group SAILS, just in time for Christmas.

On the 8th of December, the end product of the ladies’ tireless work was displayed in their annual Christmas Sale at the Aveo Cleveland Gardens fete.

The craft stall raised a total of $1235 with their homemade goods, including knitted coat hangers, crocheted kitchen towels, knitted bed socks and beanies, cushions, knitted children’s wear, Christmas decorations and cakes.

“We want to give something back… At our age, we might not be able to do the fun runs or the more active events, but this is something we can do to serve and help our community,” said Group coordinator Barbara Johnston.

While the group has raised over $100,000 for local charities since its inception, more than ten years ago, this year’s proceeds went to SAILS.

The Bayside charity will use the funds to continue their aims to provide assistance to youth at risk.

SAILS aims to help these young people reach their potential and engage in community life, by inviting the local community, young people and young families to enjoy time together on land and water, in a safe and supportive environment.

But the craft group doesn’t only help local charities.

“We hold the group to give people something to do and somewhere to go each week,” said Ms Johnston.

“It helps get people out of their home and into socialising”.

Clearly, the craft group is doing the ladies, and the community, a lot of good.

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