The butterfly lifecycle at Aveo Kings Park

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Over the past few weeks, the residents of Aveo Kings Park Retirement Village have been closely studying the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. Kirsty, the village gardener, provided residents with the butterfly larva and enough native milkweeds, their plant of choice, to sustain them until they made it to the chrysalis stage. The stages from egg, through larva, to chrysalis and finally the butterfly, which take a few weeks, have been the talk of the hallways and dining room here as residents eagerly tracked the process daily.

For many residents the experience triggered fond memories of times past, when they lived in their own properties and enjoyed having butterflies in their own gardens. By replicating this in our village, it has enabled both recently joined and long staying residents to share a common bond and discussion point to encourage all to feel a strong sense of belonging at Aveo Kings Park. Each day was a case of checking on which stage the larva were at and we were lucky enough to have some at each of the four stages so every day was a guessing game as to when the butterflies would emerge from their chrysalis. One resident was even taking bets!

Kings Park butterfly 2 Kings Park butterfly 3

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