Aveo Minkara Resort Resident Honoured for Remembrance Day

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On the 14th of November, Rodney Higgs, a resident of the Aveo Minkara Resort retirement village in Bayview, was honoured to be included among the 200 guests attending the official luncheon given by Prime Minister Tony Abbot in honour of David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Remembrance Day.

During his speech, Mr Cameron spoke of the long-term relationship between Britain and Australia and used the Australian Airmen who served in the Bomber Command RAF in WW2 when the Nazis were on the offensive as an example. They were all Australian squadrons but many Empire Air Training Scheme men were posted to RAF Squadrons (Rodney flew with 50 Sqd RAF). When the RAAF were advised of the events they volunteered to fly the NSW Veterans from Richmond to Canberra in a Hercules aircraft. All were medically examined before boarding and were accompanied by carers and a doctor and nurse.

Rodney says although it was a long and tiring day, it was a wonderful experience. The luncheon itself was very interesting, being served in Anzac Hall of the Australian War Memorial with all the formalities.  


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