Aveo Bayview Gardens Knitternatters Spread Easter Cheer

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Every Easter, the reception area at the Aveo Bayview Gardens retirement village comes alive with a colourful display of knitted Easter chicks and bunnies and brightly foiled chocolate eggs.

The delightful knitted items, crafted by the humble village Knitternatters, create a sense of joy and make a cute and convenient Easter gift for grandchildren, nieces and nephews. The real gift comes with the generosity of the Knitternatters in that all proceeds from the sale of the items are donated to a charity that assists children with cancer.

On average, just from the sale of the Easter bunnies and chickens, the Knitternatters raise approximately $500 each year. This is just one of the Knitternatters’ money raising projects. The Knitternatters group meet in the main lounge of the village once a week and have been actively raising funds for charities for over 15 years.

Through all seasons, the Knitters connect and enjoy a cuppa and afternoon tea whilst creating and preparing for their next project. Laughter and conversation are knitted into each toy, and each chick or bunny has its own unique look. You could say that all items are made with much love. The chicks and bunnies are a happy sight for the village reception and provide an opportunity for receptionist, Debbie Grech to sing the praises of the Knittenatters’ worthy cause to the residents.  Debbie has a knack for selling and promoting and it is hard for people to pass by reception without stopping to take a look. They soon find themselves carried away to spread the joy at Easter time.


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