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It may be true that the majority of people over 65 would prefer to stay in the home they know well rather than pack up and move into the unknown.

Emotionally, it’s hard to let go of a home filled with family memories and let’s face it, moving out is a hassle. But as we get older there are lifestyle issues to consider such as who is going to climb up the ladder and change that light bulb? How do you get to the shops to buy the weekly groceries, and what about the garden maintenance?

Retirement communities provide private and secure environments, where the day-to-day hassles and maintenance are taken care of, leaving you free to enjoy your retirement within a vibrant community.

Listed here are some practical and positive reasons why moving to a retirement village is actually a very good and positive move. We think you might identify with these pearls of wisdom.

Retirees often find their existing residence is too large for them or it presents problems with access. Rooms that rarely get used or even worse, get used to store items that you just don’t need. Narrow stairs, multiple levels, steep driveways and slippery surfaces also become a problem. Downsize to a retirement home though and you’ll find it is purpose built for very easy access and minimum maintenance.

Typical suburban issues such as barking dogs, loud music, traffic noise or simply a changing demographic are common problems that we all relate to. That’s why retirement communities have rules and restrictions that protect residents from these potentially stressful situations. Living somewhere that’s dedicated to your well-being and happiness is a very attractive proposition. Somewhere quiet and stress-free is especially comforting for those with health problems.

Home Maintenance
Keeping up with the chores in a large family home is hard work, particularly older properties. Mowing big yards, especially in Summer, weeding, pruning, painting and watering can take up your spare time and prevent you enjoying those things you had planned to do in retirement. You probably want to travel too and you’d ideally like to be able to take off at any time without worrying about the security of your home or who will pick up the mail. Retirement villages take care of most maintenance with staff on hand to do extra jobs if required.

Many retirees don’t feel very safe in their home or neighbourhood if they live alone. Retirement villages provide the security and peace-of-mind needed so you can relax knowing that there are staff and neighbours who keep an eye out for you and there is also a 24-hour emergency call system should you need it.

Social Life
Retirement communities are full of like-minded people who generally want the same things out of life that you do. This can make for a busy and very happy social life, (if that is what you want). Retirement villages also offer a wide range of social activities and exciting amenities. All this means you can choose a lifestyle that suits your needs perfectly.

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