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A 5 star dining experience

Enjoy sharing great food with good company in our restaurants and dining rooms

With the assistance of Nutrition Professionals Australia, we are on a mission to change the perception of food in retirement and aged care with our 5 star approach.

Enjoy delicious meals with friends and family, designed to meet the changing nutritional requirements of over 65’s, from within our vibrant restaurants and dining rooms.

Food to nourish body and soul

Discover our five star in-community restaurant and dining service.

Bircher muesli

Baked omelette with herbs, feta & spinach

Citrus curd tart

Thai pumpkin soup with cashews

Grilled barramundi with coleslaw

Roast lamb rump with Tuscan vegetables

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  • Great range and variety

    Offering a variety of entrees, main meals, desserts & seasonal specials, with a refreshed menu each quarter. 

  • 5 star approach

    Our 5 star approach meals every meal is served to the highest standard and tailored to your needs.

  • Nutritionally designed for over 65’s

    Each meal has been specially designed to address the changing nutritional requirements of people as they get older. 

  • Experienced chefs

    Our highly-skilled chefs and cooks can take into account individual tastes, dietary requirements and requests. 

  • Quality ensured

    National Compliance Manager and Regional Managers carry out regular audits to ensure your meals constantly meet our high standards. 

  • Resources

    Aveo’s very own cookbook now available

    Live Life Cook

    Empowering the country’s active seniors to keep cooking well into the future is the aim of our new cookbook released by Aveo’s Executive Chef, John Casey in conjunction with Nutritional Professionals Australia.

    Find out more
    Live Life Cook

    Free nutrition handbook

    Aveo, together with Nutrition Professionals Australia, have developed the Better Food and Nutrition Handbook to provide older Australians with the vital ingredients necessary to enjoy a healthy lifestyle for many years to come.

    Food and Nutrition Handbook

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