Home Care Communities

Freedom Aged Care is Australia’s first Home Care Community, but what is a Home Care Community?

A Home Care Community allows you to live in your own private home with a level of care that adapts as you age, from low care with full independence to palliative care with full assistance, and everything in between. Regardless of the changes in your level of needed care, there will be a team of carers and staff onsite to help you at any hour of the day, so you and your loved ones never have to worry, and you should never have to move again. That is what a Home Care Community is, a genuine alternative in your ageing journey, with peace of mind.

A genuine alternative to nursing homes
Our Home Care Communities are dedicated to creating a vibrant community that both celebrates and supports ageing with independence, dignity and community interaction with other residents and families. At all stages of the ageing journey, we want to recognise, value and celebrate our residents for who they are as individuals in our community.

Our community programs are centred around our residents’ individual health and wellbeing needs. This includes complete aged care inclusive of physical, social, psychological and spiritual wellbeing in a warm and welcoming environment. For our residents living with memory impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s, we have innovative programs to assist them in living life to the full and as part the community. With continuing research and new innovations, we are constantly advancing and updating our quality of care and quality of life for our residents

What’s the difference between a traditional nursing home and a home care community?
Home care communities are independent living societies where you have your own private self-contained home, whereas nursing homes are typically in communal buildings where you have limited privacy and independence.
Home care communities are dedicated to providing high-quality care balanced with activities, social interaction and entertainment, providing total quality of life for those living there, rather than focusing on only immediate care like most nursing homes.
Home care communities allow you to live with your partner and pets to keep your family together whereas this is not always possible in a nursing home.

What must a Home Care Community have?

  • They must carry 97% of their residents through to end of life
  • They are an Approved Home Care provider
  • They have a care governance framework in place
  • They have a Registered Nurse leadership model
  • They offer Dementia and Palliative Care
  • Their cost structure gives assurance of tenure
  • Their cost has the ability to fall below the pension

What services are included?

  • Access to 24/7 care, changing with you and your journey
  • An individual care plan managed by a personal carer
  • Nutritious meals cooked onsite by staff
  • Personal Carers and Registered Nurses onsite 24/7
  • Varied activities and an events program
  • Your own home, with private amenities

When the time comes that you or a loved one need some additional care and are ready to transition while maintaining continuity of lifestyle and privacy, to find out what your options are, contact us today to set up a tour of one of our locations.

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