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Move the move with certainty and peace of mind

We understand that making the move into a retirement village is a big life decision, and it’s important for all residents and their families and loved ones to have peace of mind that the decision to move is the right one.

 The Lifemark Village Scheme is a rigorous and independent accreditation program for retirement living communities governed by Retirement Living Council and BSI Australia.

Every Aveo community across Australia is an accredited Lifemark community, so our residents and their loved ones have the highest level of assurance that they will receive a quality village experience.

Lifemark Village Scheme

The standards of the Lifemark Village Scheme are higher than any previous retirement village accreditation scheme and are also higher than many requirements of the law, so you can be assured that a Lifemark village will provide a quality experience. In order to receive Lifemark certification, retirement village operators are required to meet 26 rigorous standards to ensure residents have a quality village experience:

tick iconAre the village’s rules and regulations up to the required standard?

tick iconDoes the village have a comprehensive policy to deal with disputes and maintenance?

tick iconDo residents feel safe and secure within the village?

tick iconAre the village’s staff and volunteers meeting resident needs?

tick iconWill residents enjoy the village lifestyle and do they have a say in decision making?

tick iconWill residents receive the support and information they need from the village?

“Lifemark goes well beyond an operator’s legal obligations. It recognizes that consumers and governments expect human service industries to have high operational standards. Lifemark delivers this – older Australians can trust that a Lifemark Village is well governed, comfortable and safe.” – Mary Wood, Executive Director of the Retirement Living Council.

Look for the Lifemark seal to ensure that the retirement community you are considering is accredited.  


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