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Redefining retirement through our people

Ultimately, the uniqueness of each Aveo community comes from the pride every Village Manager and staff member takes in what they do and the individual touches they add along the way. Which is why, we handpick our people based on their natural inclination to go the extra mile, look out for others and always listen. It’s also the reason why, at every Aveo community there is the same consistent level of facilities, support and care.

Communities, like people, are very complex things. The success of each depends on a complete team effort. Something you’ll find in the diligence of gardening and maintenance teams, the excellence of kitchen staff, the dedication of nurses and carers, and the understanding of marketing and sales consultants. We’re equally proud of them all, as they continue to enhance our reputation as leaders in retirement living.

We also support them to grow professionally; as they contribute to the quality of life of our residents and the spirit of the wider community. However, the biggest reward for them is often the two small, softly spoken words of “thank you”.

Murray, Aveo Village Manager

I’ve always been one for going the extra mile, a warm greeting and always listening.

Lisa, Aveo Village Manager

As an experienced Village Manager, my role is all about supporting a community that looks out for each other.

Meredith, Aveo Village Manager

Providing a secure, yet relaxed village environment is crucial to us, as is ensuring that care and support are always available.

Redefining Retirement Through Our People
Redefining Retirement Through Our People


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