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Redefining retirement through food and nutrition

It is a little known fact that older Australians have additional nutrition needs, particularly protein and coupled with a dwindling appetite, this makes it difficult to meet their nutritional requirements.

Aveo, with the assistance of Nutrition Professionals Australia (NPA), has taken a more scientific approach to nutrition to create a nutritional framework that embraces this. As a sign of our commitment to providing food choices that are both a pleasure to eat and nutritious, Aveo has introduced national nutritional food standards, which cover all food services within our villages – a first for Australian retirement living. This national nutritional food standard caters for the different dietary requirements residents have as they age. This may be as simple as providing more protein-based meal options or offering different portion sizes for easier digestion. We’ve also made sure there’s still plenty of variety at meal times, including desserts!

Our dining rooms are where our menus come to life. Residents enjoy great food and a feeling of wellbeing, while sharing the dining experience in vibrant surroundings chatting with family and friends. In many of our communities we’ve also introduced a freshly prepared restaurant standard menu that’s made to order and delivered to your door. Our commitment to exceptional food service is very much a part of life at Aveo.

I enjoy making food for our residents that not only tastes good, but is good for them.

John Casey, Food Services Manager and Executive Chef.

Redefining Retirement Through Food and NutritionRedefining Retirement Through Food and Nutrition II
Redefining Retirement Through Food and NutritionRedefining Retirement Through Food and Nutrition II

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