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Click play on the video below to hear David Waldie, Managing Director at AveoConnect discuss the technology support that AveoConnect offers residents.

David Waldie, Managing Director at AveoConnect

“AveoConnect is Aveo’s effort to bring technology relevant to their retirement living communities to life, for their residents.

AveoConnect starts with offering the simple bundles of phone and internet service, and then adds to it the entertainment options – Foxtel, Netflix, Presto and Stan, ect. – and then overlays that with the connected health services.”

AveoConnect’s point of difference:

“What sets AveoConnect apart from other service providers is the service experience – the installation experience, the support experience – when we book an appointment at nine o’clock, we turn up at nine o’clock.

We make sure that the myriad of devices in your home are connected and work for you before we leave.

We get that technology can be incredibly liberating but first we have to eliminate the frustration of dealing with technology – that’s our primary job.”

How does AveoConnect enrich our residents lives?

“Simple tools like Skype video enable you to so better connect with your family and your loved ones interstate. If you can get on social media, you can find out what your grandkids are doing today. So our residents are using it to connect with their grandkids or their old school friends, or their adult daughter who lives overseas. All of those things are really important. We’ll evolve over the next five to ten years in ways that we can’t even imagine.

The feedback from the residents using AveoConnect is really pleasing.”

To find out more visit aveoconnect.com.au or phone 1300 851 496

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