The way we see it, our residents are the community. And like our residents, no two communities are the same. In fact, we are constantly surprised by the individuality of each of our communities, from one to the other.

The lives our residents lead and the things they do make everything hum along with warmth, life and activity. Whether they’re still heading off to work, out learning new skills, giving their time volunteering or living it up with friends and family, we love seeing our residents making the most of their lives.

So, it makes sense, that the very active lives of our residents should be matched with equally dynamic staff.

Staff that you will find will be on your level. They strive to understand your needs and provide for them whenever possible. They also get to know your interests and what you might like to get involved with.

On the other hand, we have also found that some prefer to do things in their own way.

They might enjoy meeting new people in the restaurant, the café, at the beauty salon or while walking their dog through the gardens. After all real communities are like that, they are full of people living the way that suits them best. And that’s exactly how a retirement community should be.

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