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Our commitment & approach to sustainability

Aveo recognises the importance of operating in an ethical and sustainable manner, and is committed to delivering commercial success while championing the interests and experience of those living in our communities. The Group’s commitment and approach to sustainability is outlined below.

Commitment to sustainability

• Sustainability encompasses how Aveo conducts its business, now and in the future.

• We are committed to achieving commercial success in ways that honour our ethical values and treat people and communities with kindness, care and respect.

Approach to Sustainability

Our sustainability approach is aligned with our strategy to create long-term value for our key stakeholders. At Aveo we are guided by six key sustainability pillars:


1. Our Communities

• We aim to provide continuous support to our communities through various initiatives and create awareness by partnering with distinctive community groups.

• We are committed to developing our communities by introducing innovative design concepts for our latest residential units and are focussed on improving the quality of life for our residents.


2. Our Residents

• We aim to provide our residents with a strong consumer appeal and increasing levels of care to meet their requirements.

• We thrive on our continuous improvement process that includes strengthening our incident handling procedures and business improvement initiatives.


3. Our People

• Our workforce represents the broader community in which we operate as well as delivering better service for our residents.

• We aim to hire and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce where equal opportunities are provided for career advancement. We invest in developing leaders, and capabilities critical to our success.


4. Environment

• We aim to create a positive social impact through our core business activities and community investment.

• We are upgrading to more efficient technologies by investing in efficient and smart initiatives. We intend to build greener communities adopting relevant industry standards during the development of residential units.


5. Economic

• We provide stable returns to our security holders and aim to maintain a strong balance sheet throughout the year.

• By having stable, consistent financial growth and a targeted property portfolio, we provide assurance and sustained returns to security holders.


6. Governance

• We provide clear governance practices, active management of risk, commitment to compliance and fair remuneration in our operations.

• We aim to be Australia’s most innovative senior living provider by ensuring that our residents' interests are protected and they receive increasing levels of care.


The Group’s commitment and approach to Governance is outlined further in the Corporate Governance Section on pages 22–25 of our Annual Report.


Sustainability Committee

• We have recently established a management Sustainability Committee to oversee our sustainability approach and to assist in monitoring our sustainability objectives.

• The Committee’s role is to assist the Board and executive management in formulating the strategy, policy and actions required to achieve the Group’s aspirations as a sustainable organisation.

• The Committee will focus on the six key sustainability pillars and our progress towards defining measurable metrics and goals for each pillar.

Key focus
for 2019

We are committed to having our first sustainability report completed in compliance with a globally recognised standard for FY19 onwards.


Click the button below to access our Annual Report, and see an overview of the current initiatives underway within the Group with respect to the six key sustainability pillars described above.