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ASX Announcements 2010

24th December 2010Securities Trading Policy101.09 KB
24th December 2010Amendment to Constitution - FKP Property Trust2.23 MB
20th December 2010Estimated Interim Distribution Dividend19.87 KB
16th December 2010Appendix 3Y - Change of Director’s Interest Notice12.98 KB
10th December 2010Request for trading halt30.66 KB
10th December 2010Progress of Proposed Convertible Bond Issue69.51 KB
10th December 2010Successful $125m Convertible Bond Issue75.24 KB
10th December 2010Proposed Convertible Bond Issue to Diversify Debt Profile31.38 KB
29th November 2010Appendix 3Z - Final Director’s Interest Notice11.86 KB
26th November 2010Results of 2010 Annual General Meeting22.91 KB
26th November 2010Retirement of Director65.8 KB
26th November 2010Chairman's Address at 2010 Annual General Meeting74.22 KB
26th November 2010Appointment of Auditor64.66 KB
26th November 20102010 Annual General Meeting Presentation1.54 MB
26th November 2010Reweighted Portfolio Promotes Earnings Growth37.73 KB
25th October 2010Notice of Meeting and Proxy form1.35 MB
25th October 20102010 Annual Report4.25 MB
5th October 2010Appendix 3Y - David Crombie25.62 KB
5th October 2010Appendix 3Y - Seng Huang Lee13.08 KB
5th October 2010Appendix 3B - Distribution Reinvestment Plan96.17 KB
24th September 2010Financial Report 2010688.49 KB
9th September 2010Market Release24.72 KB
3rd September 2010Employee Options65.3 KB
26th August 2010Full Year Results Presentation586.77 KB
26th August 2010Full Year Results83.52 KB
22nd July 2010Change in Substantial Holding for PBD361.38 KB
16th July 2010Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) Price for 2010 Final Distribution407.4 KB
1st July 2010Becoming a substantial holder in Port Bouvard Limited97.79 KB
22nd June 2010Appendix 3B - New Issue Announcement87.94 KB
17th June 2010Estimated Final Distribution and Revised Distribution Policy70.21 KB
1st June 2010Retirement as an Asset Class, A Fresh Perspective10.92 MB
20th May 2010Strategic Stake Secured In WA Market73.73 KB
10th May 2010Appendix 3B - Proposed Employee Security Plan Issue91.7 KB
19th April 2010Appendix 3Y - Seng Huang Lee13.08 KB
19th April 2010Appendix 3Y - David Crombie12.61 KB
16th April 2010Appendix 3B - Distribution Reinvestment Plan87.24 KB
7th April 2010New Chief Financial Officer Appointed73.98 KB
25th February 2010Half Year Results Presentation1.88 MB
25th February 2010Half Year Results Announcement83.4 KB
25th February 2010Appendix 4D and Half Year Financial Report4.96 MB
19th January 2010Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) Price for 2010 Interim Distribution17.98 KB
26th August 2010Appendix 4E Preliminary Final Report Results8.71 MB


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