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ASX Announcements 2009

27th November 2009Resolution of 2009 AGM22.13 KB
27th November 2009Chairman`s Address to Shareholders21.38 KB
27th November 2009FKP 2009 Annual General Meeting Presentation1.5 MB
27th November 2009AGM Media Release67.75 KB
10th November 2009Appendix 3B Employee Option Issue80.48 KB
26th October 20092009 Annual Report2.87 MB
26th October 2009Notice of Meeting and Proxy Form1.25 MB
2nd October 2009Appendix 3Y - David Crombie12.58 KB
2nd October 2009Appendix 3B - DRP87.11 KB
2nd October 20092009 Financial Report488.9 KB
24th September 2009Transition to new Chief Financial Officer65.26 KB
27th August 2009Full Year Results Presentation1.42 MB
27th August 2009Full Year Results Announcement78.45 KB
27th August 2009Appendix 4E320.89 KB
25th August 2009Employee Options66.33 KB
5th August 2009Change in Director's Interest - Seng Huang Lee14.32 KB
5th August 2009Change in Director's Interest - Phillip Parker12.91 KB
5th August 2009Change in Director's Interest - Peter Brown12.18 KB
5th August 2009Change in Director's Interest - Jim Frayne12.37 KB
5th August 2009Change in Director's Interest - David Crombie12.64 KB
31st July 2009Response to Price Query972.65 KB
31st July 2009Completion of final allotment under equity raising104.46 KB
24th July 2009Completion of Retail Bookbuild68.49 KB
23rd July 2009Trading Halt44.58 KB
23rd July 2009Completion of Retail Entitlement Offer71.81 KB
16th July 2009Distribution Reinvestment Plan Issue Price18.15 KB
15th July 2009Completion of initial allotment under equity raising66.95 KB
9th July 2009Settlement of 33 Breakfast Creek Road Newstead65.04 KB
8th July 2009Amendment to Constitution - FKP Property Trust1.84 MB
3rd July 2009Notification to Ineligible Security Holders24.88 KB
29th June 2009Retail Entitlement Offer Booklet3.35 MB
29th June 2009Retail Entitlement Offer71.12 KB
29th June 2009Completion of Institutional Entitlement Offer and Bookbuild77.45 KB
25th June 2009Equity Raising and Renegotiation of Debt Facilities89.65 KB
25th June 2009Trading Halt44.55 KB
25th June 2009Equity Raising Appendix 3B88.43 KB
25th June 2009Equity Raising Presentation1.92 MB
25th June 2009Cleansing Statement73.53 KB
24th June 2009Trading Halt37.92 KB
22nd June 2009Announcement of Estimated Final Distribution19.25 KB
17th June 2009Resignation of Director63.81 KB
30th April 2009TAC Sale Becomes Unconditional64.91 KB
26th March 2009Ben MacDonald retires from FKP Board65.19 KB
23rd March 2009Sale of TAC Building66.66 KB
18th March 2009Response to ASX price query120.88 KB
4th March 2009Changes to FKP Board64.97 KB
26th February 2009Half Year Results Presentation1.01 MB
26th February 2009ASX/Media Release - FKP Half Year Results82.03 KB
26th February 2009Appendix 4D and Half Year Financial Report3.5 MB
25th February 2009Energex Building, Newstead65.43 KB
16th February 2009FKP Market Update71.66 KB
13th February 2009Chairman Resignation/Appointment65.41 KB
19th January 2009Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) Price for 2009 Interim Distribution21.38 KB


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