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ASX Announcements 2016

2/12/16Appendix 3X - Gregory Shaw65kb
2/12/16Appendix 3Z - Winson Chow63kb
02/12/16Changes to Alternate Director117kb
16/11/16Appendix 3X - Diana Saw65kb
16/11/16Appendix 3Z - Leonard McKinnon63kb
16/11/16Appendix 3Y - Geoffrey Grady80kb
16/11/16Results of 2016 Annual General Meeting267kb
16/11/16Aveo Group 2016 AGM Chairman's Address132kb
16/11/16Aveo Group Annual General Meeting Presentation5.85 MB
11/11/16Appointment of new Director Ms Diana Saw124kb
26/10/16 Cleansing Notice Issue of Securities139kb
26/10/16AOG Appendix 3B162kb
26/10/16Issue of Securities 117kb
14/10/162016 Notice of Meetings and Proxy Form292kb
14/10/162016 Annual Report111mb
12/10/16Aveo presentation at Morgans Queensland Conference 2016952kb
13/09/16Appendix 3Y - Leonard McKinnon72kb
05/09/16Appendix 3F - Final share buy-back notice119kb
31/08/16Appendix 3Y - Geoffrey Grady77kb
31/08/16Appendix 3Z - Stephen Muggleton62kb
31/08/16Resignation of a Director117kb
30/08/16Aveo Group FY16 Results Video Presentation123kb
26/08/16Ceasing to be a substantial holder93kb
24/08/16Change in substantial holder435kb
24/08/16Appendix 3Y - Jim Frayne72kb
22/08/16Cleansing Notice Allotment of Aveo Group Stapled Securities 137kb
18/08/16AOG Appendix 3B159kb
18/08/16Successful completion of Institutional Placement124kb
17/08/16Trading Halt318kb
17/08/16Full Year Results Presentation4mb
17/08/16Full Year Results Release333kb
17/08/16Appendix 4G - Corporate Governance Statement356kb
17/08/16Appendix 4E and 2016 Financial Report356kb
14/06/16AOG FY16 Estimated Distribution64kb
14/06/16Dividend/Distribution - AOG 24kb
18/04/16Aveo increases its interest in RVG to 73%122kb
08/04/16Change in substantial holding202kb
05/04/16Change in substantial holding from PPT 170kb
21/03/16Successful Aged Care Approvals Round Result for Aveo117kb
18/03/16Appointment of Company Secretary 116kb
14/03/16Change in substantial holding from PPT 273kb
26/02/16Aveo Group HY16 Results Announcement Video Presentation115kb
22/02/16Ceasing to be a substantial holder 178kb
18/02/16Aveo settles acquisition of Freedom120kb
17/02/16Appendix 3B Allotment of Aveo Group Stapled Securities161kb
17/02/16Cleansing Notice Allotment of Aveo Group Stapled Securities136kb
17/02/16Half Year Results Presentation4mb
17/02/16Acquisition of Freedom Aged Care126kb
17/02/16Half Year Results Release256kb
17/02/16Appendix 4D and Half Year Financial Report437kb
08/02/16Becoming a substantial holder734 KB


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