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Aveo Robina resident Geoff Bransgrove has shared his beautiful rendition of ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong that reflects his life at Aveo.

I see an attractive Aveo complex of clean colour and of many greens

I hear the busy buzz of gardeners at work

Of the cheerful songs of many birds, even the crows, it seems

And I think to myself, what a wonderful place to live in this little world

I see faces of so many residents, varied and skilled

Contributing their love and grace to this place

Stoic, courageous, brave and true

Sharing love and encouragement to one down the street, or

Struggling with ongoing pain, or weakness or sadness

Yet coming up smiling with loved ones’ care, what a wonderful world with friendship such as ours

The colours and happiness invoked by our many activities

The new fellowship and friendships birthed in the coffee hub

In the sharing of group responsibility and the sharing of our meals

In so many ways, I am saying (usually), I love you

I cry inside whenever bitterness and anger deny the reward of forgiveness and compassion

Life can be so lonely if I fail to put in

I receive the skill, respect, leadership of our new management and staff

Who cope with all our quirkiness and strife, but still greet us with a smile

I appreciate the tasks given to our respective committees and their faithful efforts on our behalf

They have to handle so much that I don’t know

Yes I often think to myself, here in this place, what a wonderful world warts and all

Yes I do think to myself, for me it is a wonderful world

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