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Helen Weston, Head of Mobile Rehab

“We’ve been around for 20 years, and about two years ago we joined into a partnership with Aveo.

What services do you provide?

We’re an allied health provider-  we provide physio therapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, exercise physiology, clinical dietetics – and all of those services can be provided in a variety of different ways.

We provide services one on one, we also have groups and classes, and we provide education sessions.  

Why are allied health services so important?

Our retirement folks are a wonderful group to work with.

The changes that we can assist with make a huge impact on people’s everyday life; the sorts of benefits people see immediately. They’ll see their mood elevated, they sleep better, and they eat better. Even the smallest change, say a 2 per cent improvement in function, can make a massive difference in terms of quality of life, day to day function and levels of independence. And so for us, our work is so fulfilling and so engaging, and our staff find that they love aged care for this reason – they really can do something that’s meaningful.

What are the most popular services?

Probably the most popular services tend to be our physiotherapy, because people understand physiotherapy. But once they’re introduced to the array of services that an occupational therapist can offer, that then becomes something that is really called for.
Occupational therapists do a lot of work with memory support, with activities of daily living, and they do a lot of rehab after strokes, that sort of thing.

Why is balance so important?

We know that balance is a key factor in preventing falls, so having good balance is absolutely key. The thing that is interesting about balance, is that the only thing that people can do to improve their balance, is to challenge their balance. They need to be doing things like Tai Chi, or even doing things like walking between buildings in the community, those things constantly challenge balance, and that’s what keeps your balance really good.

Why is social exercise so important?

People do very, very well in a group environment – they’re encouraged by their neighbours, or the people around them. The sorts of groups or classes that we find most popular are those in the water. People love to be in the water – being in the water can give them a freedom of movement that they just don’t get on land. A lot of our folks also like Tai Chi – it’s excellent for balance, excellent for managing falls and that sort of thing. But it’s quite interesting – we find we’re doing a lot more work with almost boot camp for seniors. This includes higher intensity exercise, weights and Fitball. We have a very enthusiastic following for those sorts of groups.”

Aveo’s allied health and physio partners are Mobile Rehab and The Physio Co.

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