Respite Care in Australia

What is respite care?

Also known as ‘short-term care’, respite care allows carers to take a break from their care duties with the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing their loved one is being looked after by health care professionals. It can also be beneficial to those discharged from hospital who may need some extra support while they decide on the best place to live in the longer term.

When to consider respite care

  • Post-hospital: Needing extra care and support after a hospital stay before returning home.

  • Recuperation: Requiring extra help after a fall or incident at home.

  • Holidays: When caregivers or family members are going on holiday.

  • Caregivers: When caregivers need time to recharge and want reassurance that their loved one will be cared for.

  • Security: The need to feel secure in a friendly environment and refresh the mind and body.

  • Trial stay: Seeking a permanent place to live and wanting to discover what life is like in a community.

  • How much does respite care cost?

    At Aveo, we offer respite care from just $49 per night*. Fees and charges may vary between each provider, so it is important to seek advice on costs at your community of choice.

    Why choose Aveo for respite care?

    Your choice of private units and apartments
    Your choice of tailored support, available 24/7 in the privacy of your unit or apartment
    Respite care available from just $49 per night*
    No Aged Care Assessment Team/Service required (ACAT/ACAS)
    Able to use Home Care Package funding to cover cost of respite care stays

    Respite care with us

    Are you seeking short-term respite care?

    With 29 respite care facilities across Australia, there's sure to be one near you! Click below to find out more and enquire.


    Respite customers require care assessment prior to acceptance. Acceptance is based on care assessment and availability of respite units. *Respite price for full aged care pension customers. $99 per night for customers not receiving a pension.

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